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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2012 Great Thailand hotel deals online

Avista Resort And Spa PHUKET 5 star resort
Rating by customers 4.22 out of 5
from 2,386 THB/ Kata Promentary

Early Bird and Free Night Specials at
14 day Early bird for 3, 5, or 7 night deal.
60 day Early bird for 4,6, 8 night deal
15 Night Free Night Special

Avista Resort And Spa PHUKET 5 star resort

Amari Palm Reef Resort SAMUI ISLAND.
4 star/ Rating by customers 4.44 out of 5/
Prices from 3,805 THB/
Right on the beach/
Early Bird and Free Night Specials at
Amari Palm Reef Resort SAMUI ISLAND 5 star resort

Sofitel Phokeethra Krabi       5 Star Resort
Rating by customers 4.5 out of 5/
From 3,844 THB a night
Special Deals, Free Night Specials at
14 day Early bird for 3, 5, or 7 night deal.
60 day Early bird for 4,6, 8 night deal.

Sofitel Phokeethra Krabi       5 Star Resort

Kantary Bay PHUKET    4 star resort
Ratings by customers 4.57 out of 5 (excellent)
from 1,302 THB a night/ on the beach front

Early Bird and Free Night Specials at

14 day Early bird for 3, 5, or 7 night deal.
60 day Early bird for 4,6, 8 night deal
15 Night Free Night Special

Kantary Bay PHUKET    4 star resort

Grand Mercure Fortune Bangkok- Ratchadapisek Hotel 4 star Resort
Rating by customers 3.82 out of 5 / from, 1,810THB/
Early Bird and Free Night Specials at
14 day Early bird for 3, 5, or 7 night deal.
60 day Early bird for 4,6, 8 night deal.
15 Night Free Night Special
Grand Mercure Fortune Bangkok- Ratchadapisek Hotel 4 star Resort

Friday, October 26, 2012

PP Casita 5 night Christmas Package

PP Casita on Phi Phi Island

PP Casita; my fav and popular resort on Phi Phi Island; you can stay here from 1,478THB/ night which maske it the best value resort with a pool. It is only 70 meters from the beachfront of Loh Modee bay. Loh Dalum is one of Phi Phi's most celebrated bays being the northern side to the famous dumbel as seen from the Phi Phi Viewpoint.

There are some 5 night Christmas 5 Night Package still left at which might be of interest if you are visiting at theat time of year. It can really get busy so these rooms will get taken.

Have a great time on Phi Phi!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thailand travel news 2012

2012 July 3rd Bus crash
A first-class, air-conditioned Transport Co. Ltd VIP bus from Bangkok has crashed hitting a electric power transmission pole on Surat Thani-Nakhon Si Thammarat Road in Kanchanadit district. This happened last Tuesday. 10 people are reported dead and a further 17 persons including Thais and foreigners, were injured. Of the dead 6 were foriegn tourists and one was male the rest female.

The bus was transferring people down south from Bangkok to Koh Phangan.

The buses tire blew a high speed and the bus driver couldnt  stop it hitting the electric pole. The driver died.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Phi Phi News 2012

Phi Phi News 2012 Monday 10th July 
The Phuket Gazette reports that there is still no official verdict for the probable poisoning death cases of Noémi Bélanger, and her sister Audrey Bélanger on the island of Phi Phi on Friday 15th June 2012.

Col Boontawee has refuted the allegation by the Canadian media that there has been a cover up. “The official autopsy results have not been released yet. We are continuing to contact the Forensic Institute of Ramathibodi Hospital in Bangkok for the final results. What we had been informed of were just the unofficial results, which do not include all the details,” he told the Gazette.

Col Boontawee told reporters that, unlike most  normal autopsies done where the police ask for a specific series of tests, the police did not specific any individual tests to be carried out. “We basically asked them to test for everything,” he said. This all inclusive request will take time to create results in Thailand.

Phi Phi News 2012 Monday 9th July  
Phi Phi Island Village and Spa is under going a Name Change to Outrigger Phi Phi Island Resort and Spa. In this world wide branded hotel and resort chain are  the exisiting Beachfront Suites and the Deluxe garden rooms are getting a face lift and a new gym is getting added to the extensive list of facilities including the Wanna Spa, the dive school and tenis courts. This resort chain is based in Hawaii USA and already has a resort in Phuket.

Phi Phi News 2012 Friday 22nd June 
Lt. Col. Jongrak Pimthong told The Associated Press that they are looking for 30-year-old Portuguese national Luciano Tinto who was seen on CCTV camera at 1.10 am escorting the Belangers sisters back to their room. It is believed he may have been the last person to see the girls alive. The Police are still working on the presumption of death by poisoning and there were no signs of robbery or fighting to make them believe and sinister reason.  Luciano Tinto was staying at the same hotel as the Belangers sisters.

Phi Phi News 2012 Sunday 17th June 
Pol.Maj.Gen.Jamroon Ruenrom- commissioner of Krabi police oversaw the forensic investigation of Noémi Bélanger, and her sister Audrey Bélanger who dies on Phi Phi Island on Friday 15th June and concluded that deaths were not the result of violence. The only other significant find in the room was Ibuprofen the anti-inflammatory drug. He also stated that there would be a further autopsy at the Royal Thai Police hospital in Bangkok.

Phi Phi News 2012 Friday 15th June
In the tragic and recent events of last Friday 15th June, Noémi Bélanger, 25, and her sister Audrey Bélanger, 20, from Canada were found dead in the hotel room on Phi Phi Island. After going out for a drink in the evening they returned to their room but never made it out again. The cleaning maid knocked on their door at the Phi Phi Twin Palm Resort when they were due to check out and when it became clear that they weren't coming out. There was no reply but there are reports inferring the maid could smell something wasn't right.

After obtaining a key they entered the room and found the 2 sisters inside with large amounts of vomit and faeces. There was evidence of bleeding and their nails had turned black, probably caused by internal bleeding. Other distressing signs were traces of blood on the women's face. These early signs infer that the sisters died from poisoning. This was according to Dr Pornthep Siriwanarangsan, head of the Disease Control Department.

After an inspection by the local police the bodies were  transferred to the pier and then onto Krabi Town, the provincial capital.

Dr Komkrit Phukrittayakami, director of Krabi Hospital, said that from the initial inspection probable causes of death are likely to be contaminated food. A proper autopsy would be needed to see if it were seafood, mushrooms or chemical substances.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Phi Phi September weather

Phi Phi September weather at Pi Ley

Phi Phi September weather is full of wind rain and humidity. Why on earth, would your conclude, would you want to visit Phi Phi island? For sure you wont get the best of Phi Phi Island, or the best diving on Phi Phi but you will get an interesting experience unlike anything you might imagine in high season.

Some of the key highlights of travelling in September would be a quieter Phi Phi, a more expectant Phi Phi, a happy island. Surprisingly you would get some interesting diving and a chance to see Dolphin.

Phi Phi September weather

On top of all these interesting aspects the room prices at the hostels or luxury resorts are 40-50% cheaper than in high season. When you add on to the Phi Phi Hotel Specials like the Free Night Specials, Fixed Night Promotions, Special Discounts, you can see that there is something of a reason to go and check one of Thailand's most popular travel destinations out.

The Phi Phi September weather includes detail on how to get to Maya Bay in spite of the waves at the mouth of the Bay, what ferry is best to take to get to the islands and detail on the exact nature of the  temperature, rain and storms.

Phi Phi September weather

Phi Phi resort reviews

Phi Phi resort reviews Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort

 The 2 star Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort with good reviews.

Choosing the best resort on Phi Phi is not as straight forward as it might  be in other parts of Thailand. Phi Phi Island has a unique position as being the only island as a major tourist destination that is too small for cars. This ensures everybody walks but also that all the staff running the resorts must walk around all day. I think I have counted that for a bag of rice to get to a hotel it has been man handled a minimum of 6 times.

The very physical nature of this, combined with the heat of the tropics means that Phi Phi has a reputation for slow service. This is perfect if the laid back island style is what you are coming to Phi Phi to enjoy. However this is most frustrating if you have a ferry to Phuket to catch, a dive boat to get to or just need to get back down to the pleasures of the beach.

The article, Phi Phi resort reviews  goes through all these ideas and a lot more to show why not every word written on the website review pages, not every tripsadvisor comment should be taken as face value. It does also point out where laid back turns into lazy and it is my opinion that lazy management should be put in the spot light so that the whole island gets the proper reviews it deserves.

Resorts with good reviews are also mentioned.

Phi Phi resort reviews
The 5 star Zeavola Phi Phi Resort with excellent reviews.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Kayaking in Thailand

Kayaking in Thailand
With the sea at 29 degrees all year around, paddling along the cliffs of Phi Phi Island at sunset is probably one of my favourite pleasures on the island. The cooling sun on your back as the temperature starts to fall away at sun set, the silence, the nature, the rhythm of the ocean all add up to a mesmerising adventure.

I have done the kayak tour from Tonsai Bay to Wang Long a few times. It is strenuous, especially if there is some wave action but I never get rid of the thrill, the sheer delight of making it back to the safety of Phi Phi Don Village. This trip is addictive and one of the best tours on Phi Phi Island.

A Phi Phi Island Kayak trip article... pretty special with birds, fish, stars and more. Thailand Kayaking at it's best

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Best diving on Phi Phi

Best diving on Phi Phi Manta Ray

The Best diving on Phi Phi Thailand is a relative idea as what is good for one is not always the same of another. Some people want to see large whale shark, others delight in the minutiae. Phi Phi Island is blessed with some of Thailand's best Dive sites and as an experience is probably the best location. The pier is only 5  minutes from the first dive site which is Hin Dot, a pinnacle in 30 meters of water at the end of Tonsai Bay and under the Tonsai Cliffs.

The best diving on Phi Phi is on a day with strong sun, excellent visibility, good friends, good companions on the dive trip, a good dive boat and the luck to see something you haven’t seen before. On top of that you can choose from one of Phi Phi Island's best dive sites and you can experience a top class adventure. To read the rest of the article please click  Best diving on Phi Phi.

Best diving on Phi Phi Best diving on Phi Phi,

For a further overview of the in's and out's of diving on Phi Phi, both at sea on the dive sites and on land at the dive schools, head to the Phi Phi diving article page which has over 50 articles

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Phuket Graceland Resort And Spa reviews

Phuket Graceland Resort And Spa reviews infinity pool
As you come over the Khatu pass connecting Patong Beach to the rest of Phuket, you get your first experience of one of Thailand's top travel destinations. Patong town sits centred in between the towering mountains of the Patong Highlands and is bordered by the warm and enchanting Indian Ocean. Though Patong is a large town the lucky Phuket Graceland Resort And Spa is beachfront with nothing in between it and the glorious and daily sunsets.

If you are coming to Patong on Phuket you would do well to check out this resort as it has position quality and one key quirk that makes it one of the best value 4 star resorts in Phuket Thailand. Here is the introduction to the main article that explains all you need to know.

Phuket Graceland Resort And Spa enjoys the reputation of a good hotel on the Patong Beachfront Road with pool views stretching out over the Indian Ocean. The resort is close enough to the centre of Patong to be a 15 minute stroll along the beach but not to close to be surrounded by any nightlife. To read the rest make sure you click on Phuket Graceland Resort And Spa reviews

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thai Food in Thailand

Thai Food in Thailand.
Thai food is an amazing variety of tastes, textures, traditions and colours. To be Thai is to eat Thai food. I have not come across a people so in love with their own cuisine. I believe it is one of the reasons why Thai people find it difficult to travel when the new country has little of their home food available.

The 4 main regions of Thailand, Bangkok, the North the North east and and the South all have their Thai food specialities. I lived in the south for 17 years and so if this isn't a complete list it is because my knowledge is biased to that region.

Thai curries
Thai curries vary by colour! Red curry is a strong hot curry from a red chili paste and has lighter variants like the Nam Prik pau that is sweeter and works well with shell fish. The famous and popular Green curry is quite sweet and uses green tomatoes and green pea like bean that pops in your mouth when you bite through it. The Yellow curry is the mildest and has a madras flavour to it. This versatile curry is good with all the meats, fish and shellfish. Jungle curry is a particularly spicy and dark food that has exceptionally strong tastes and uncommon local vegetables in it.

Thai Food in Thailand Curries with Green Curry in the foreground

Thai SoupThe Tom Yum soup is the iconic dish of Thailand that blends a chicken broth, mushroom, chili and lemon flavour and is served with rice. It creates a refreshing and light dish that is highly popular with tourists. Tom Ka Khai soup is a light coconut and chicken broth soup popular with children. This chicken dish is another favourite amongst travellers as it is an interesting taste without the strong chili tastes. Geng Liang is a light soup with a vegetable broth base and an egg which is supposed to be good for women during pregnancy.

Thai Food in Thailand Tom Yum

Monday, May 28, 2012

Phuket Hash House Harriers

Phuket Hash House Harriers the walk

'Down downs', 'circles', 'paper', the songs, Phuket Hash House Harriers is the expat informal gathering for people on Phuket island, Thailand. Based on the idea that you should really have a bit of exercise before you have a drink in the afternoon, the hashers run around in a large circular route laid and organised by the days 'hare'. The hare will lay the paper in a way that will trick the front runners (who are held in low esteem by those of experience and age) into false trails and help the walkers bring up the rear in an attempt to bring them back to the 'lager' (the starting point) all at the same time.

Phuket Hash House Harriers the circle

From then on in it descends into drink, fines or alleged fines for offences to the hashing code. This is based on the principle that you shouldn't try, you shouldn't be an idiot and you should be able to take your ale. The rules are simple; there are no rules, get on with it. If this kind of chaos/ random appeals read on.

Phuket Hash House Harriers is part running, part drinking group of people that brings together a glorious miss-match of personalities 7 times a month. On a Hash House Harriers day you meet up and are then called together and introduced by the Grand Master to the 'hare' of the day and then set off to follow the paper.. To read more go to Phuket Hash House Harriers.

Phuket Hash House Harriers the crossing

Friday, May 25, 2012

Koh Phi Phi sharks

Koh Phi Phi sharks Whale shark
When you see a picture of a Whale shark and understand that it is as long as a London Bus you realise that this is one of the worlds great living creatures. The whale shark appears around Phi Phi during the peak season and often for a couple of months after that. There are regular sightings but the occasional diver might need to be lucky or choose the right dive site.

The Black Tip Reef Shark is relatively common around Phi Phi with many sightings on Long beach where there is a great shark watch tour for snorkelers. They are also seen in Loh Samah and behind the Viking cave on the west coast. If you have time and the energy they are atso found up at Mosquito island in the far north of the islands.

The Leopard shark are seen at depth by divers off Phi Phi Ley and the Bida islands. Eating only crab and shell fish their mouth is designed for crushing through shell and rock. The shark are docile and glide a way from the diver if disturbed

Koh Phi Phi sharks are a big draw to anyone interested in diving, snorkeling or swimming the sea or coral reefs. They are also the stuff of fear and phobias so the whale shark, leopard shark and black tip reef shark stir the imagination of many who come to the islands. To finish off this article please read Koh Phi Phi sharks

Koh Phi Phi sharks Black Tip Reef Shark near snorkeler

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Koh Phi Phi Krabi

Koh Phi Phi Krabi

In a small variation and in addition to the work I have done on this Thai Travel Blog I am now introducing readers to work done on the websites I work for and start with a review of Koh Phi Phi Krabi on

It explains the best of Phi Phi and what makes it such a famous including the Movie 'The Beach', the diving and the dive sites.

It also explains why Phi Phi accommodation is mostly centred around the main village and why the 4 and 5 star luxury resorts are at Laem Tong and Loh Bagoa.

Finally it points to the best beach bars on Loh Dalum.

The latest review starts; 'Koh Phi Phi Krabi remains in visitors thoughts long after they leave. The Islands of Koh Phi Phi Don, Koh Phi Phi Ley, Bamboo Island National Park , Mosquito Island and the diving outcrops of Bida Nai and Bida Nok inspire memories of cliffs, coral, jungle, beach and a lot more.'

To read the rest please go to  Koh Phi Phi Krabi .

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Backpacking in Thailand

Maya Bay Koh Phi Phi

Backpacking is Thailand is a subject very dear to my heart as backpacking was very much how I gained my foothold within the travel industry. Before I came to Thailand I was a trekking guide in Nepal. My first backpacking trip to the land of the smiles was in 1992 and was offered as part payment for the group I had lead by my, not too flush for money, trekking company.

Bed and Breakfast Tibet style 1987.. er halcyon days?

On top of bus in Nepal

Monday, April 30, 2012

Thailand Travel- a personal view

First impressions of Thailand travel
My first impressions of arriving in Phuket Thailand are a bit hazy as I spent most of my time on Phi Phi Island. Still, I spent a fun night in Patong savouring the possibilities of real food after 4 weeks in the mountains of Nepal. I had been given some Thailand travel time by my then boss at Out There Trekking company, guiding a group of trekkers near the Annapurna's range.

After Nepal, Thailand struck me as a place well used to receiving westerners to it's shores and yet distinctively original. I could sense a proud people, sure of who they were and yet gracious in receiving people to their land. What also hit me like a sledge hammer were the smiles. The nick name of the land of smiles is no joke as you are greeted politely with a smile wherever you travel. The new hot surroundings and the smiling world around me was liberating so I felt free but there was more to come.

Thailand Travel-a Thai Smile

One of the reasons I love to travel is my love of new and interesting tastes in the food I eat. Having spent time in the Indian subcontinent and a year in Japan I was well used to being surprised by new food, but the sheer variety of dishes in Thailand just swept me away. Later on I tried to work it out. If you are in the tropics with many growing conditions, virtually every type of animal, vegetable, fruit and grain can grow.  Add to this the seas being full of every type of marine life and you have the recipe for some great food.  Thai people are nothing without their love of food so now I find it no surprise that the list of different food types is seemingly endless. When I first arrived I couldn't seem to find one day or meal where they same food was on offer. It was simply spectacular.

Thailand Travel-Phat Thai

Monday, April 23, 2012

Internet, escaping work, family time on holiday in Thailand

Luxury of bane of your holiday? Having Internet connectivity can be a double edged sword keeping you fully in touch with work and life back home but ensuring  you miss part of the reason why you are out in Thailand in the first place.

I think you need time to unwind or "do nothing" on your holiday in Thailand to help restore your own equilibrium and in some situations, your sanity. To stop the 'worry chatter' in the back of the mind and just live for the moment, has a cathartic effect of relaxing the body. For me this is the essence of holiday making.

Family time on holiday
Some of the best times I've had as a parent has been sharing time with my children on holiday in Thailand. Free from distractions, commitments and the general day to day of running a family, I have spent some memorable moments just hanging out with the kids, playing. Playing is the time when my kids have seen that mum and dad can be fun, see our lighter side and these are some of my most cherished memories.

We will go for a snorkel on our favourite place  on Koh Phi Phi Don, Long Beach every time we are there. We do this as the sun is coming up. As the family finishes off and gets out of the sea, we have pancakes at a simple hut on the beachfront. With views of Phi Phi Ley and the sun on the Tonsai Cliffs, it's a magical and complete moment.

Holiday in Thailand- views of Phi Phi Ley from Long Beach

On other times we would go round to Wang Long  at sunset and watch the sun slowly slide into the sea right in between two vertical cliffs. The perfect symmetry of nature and the presence of family have a powerful effect on me, transporting me far from any realities of work. Returning I am moved, refreshed and ready for anything the world has to offer.

Holiday in Thailand

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cheap Hotels in Patong

Continuing on from my theme of showing some good hotel deals in Thailand I have got some more information about cheap Hotels in Patong. Patong is the primary beachfront resort town on Phuket island on the south west coast of Thailand, facing west into the Indian Ocean and takes in sublime sunsets every night. (I talk about Phuket a lot as this is where I have lived for a long time and my office is in Phuket town.)

Patong Beach is a 4.2 km of sandy and palm-fringed beachfront that is surrounded by the Patong Highland mountains. This ampli-theatre effect ensure that you experience nature wherever you stay as the verdant hills covered with jungle and rubber forests are always visible. It is no surprise that after hippie travelling scene of the 1970s and the fall out fro the Vietnam war, Patong was 'found' and settled by those who just want to get a way from the stress of what was then, modern living.
Cheap Hotels in Patong views of Patong Beach

Since the 1970s Patong has grown into quite a town, which is low rise on the whole, and with it's beautiful beach, is now more a resort town destination than a beach holiday one. The nightlife zone is one of Thailands most exotic and the choice of cafe, restaurant, bar, disco, club, show in this town is staggering.

Cheap Hotels in Patong by price alone.

The headline act as I often say is the Patong hotel with the lowest price. This caters for those on a real budget or just don't see the need for paying for time when they are unconscious! Anyway, my pick on this is the Lamai Apartment which comes in at an outstanding 12 Euro a night. The Lamai Apartment is set back from the beachfront in the local area of town and is a great place to hang out and experience Thai life, culture and customs, and take in a really fiery curry. This fun side of the experience makes this hostel style of accommodation worth the effort if you are travelling on a budget.
Cheap Hotels in Patong Lamai Apartment
Another pick is a bit more expensive but definitely in the cheap hotels bracket and very central to all the nightlife action near Bangla Road. The Apk Resort And Spa starting price for the standard room is 18 Euro a night and with it's roof top pool and guaranteed sunsets, it clean, comfortable rooms and great reviews is highly recommended.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Phuket Laguna beach hotels reviews

Phuket Laguna beach hotels reviews
Phuket Laguna beach hotels reviews
One of the most striking impressions you get when you come to the Phuket Laguna is that you have a really good integrated collection of resorts. The theme is the water, the Lagoons, Bang Tao beach and of course the glorious Indian Ocean. The lagoons are knitted together by a series of boat taxis, seamless landscaping and a sense that you are on a private estate set on the edge of paradise.
Phuket Laguna beach hotels reviews on Bang Tao Beach

Phuket Laguna beach hotels reviews The Ocean

The 5 star luxury Phuket Laguna beach hotels are the  , , and . Follow the links to see the hotel fact sheets and follow the customer reviews.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bangkok hotels latest News

Bangkok hotels latest News Amari Atrium

As with the last couple of blogs I am showing the latest information on hotels and this time in Bangkok. Bangkok Hotels dominate the Thai travel industry for their sheer scope and variety. You need a place to stay in the capital, there is a place for you. As with all these things there are so many different types of people  requiring differing needs and it is with this in mind that these articles have been created.

The number of people who are one night in Bangkok for a stop aver between flights is tremendous. The call of the Thai islands away from the winter temperatures of Europe make the local flights down to Phuket, Samui (for the full moon party at Koh Phangan) and Krabi packed. They need a place to stay near the Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok and if they are on a budget a Bangkok Airport Hostel just does the trick.

Bangkok hotels latest News Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok
Bangkok hotels latest News Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok
Some people just have one day in Bangkok and though some might need to stay up at the airport many venture into the heart of town and explore one of the worlds great capital cities. One Night in Bangkok 
also refers to that great and controversial song written in the 1980's decrying the contrast between the ancient and mystical culture and a red light district that 'can make a strong man humble'.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Phuket latest news .. hotels deals and discounts

Phuket latest news... The luxury  5 star La Flora Patong
Phuket latest news... The luxury  5 star La Flora Patong

Phuket latest news... The luxury  5 star La Flora Patong rooms
Phuket latest news... The luxury  5 star La Flora Patong rooms

As with last weeks blog I am highlighting some new Phuket articles written for the website. Please feel free to like or leave feedback on any of the articles.

Phuket itself
Phuket history .A nice overview of what you need to know about the history of Phuket.
Rules of the Road in Phuket  This tongue in cheek article explains what can happen on the busy and sometimes dangerous Phuket roads. Worth reading if you are thinking of getting behind the wheel.

Phuket accommodation
This section  revolves around getting a good deal for the accommodation you might be looking for and explains why the website is a good place to search for that deal. The different articles get that message across from the many differing angles that make up the Phuket Hotel and resort industry.

Phuket latest news- 5 star Le Meridien- Karon beach
Phuket latest news- 5 star Le Meridien- Karon beach

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Koh Phi Phi latest news and aerial images

Koh Phi Phi reefs and brilliance
Koh Phi Phi reefs and brilliance
Like me if you enjoyed the pictures!!!

Koh Phi Phi Island Accommodation articles.
A lot of these articles offer the similar idea of how to get a great deal on Koh Phi Phi but bring the story together from different themes. Together they provide a great way to optimise the system and minimise the amount you need to pay for the budget you enjoy travelling on. Koh Phi Phi is a small destination with few rooms so it is often full, so getting this detail right can make substantial differences. Some love to travel and wait  get to a place when they arrive working out which is the best place to stay but Koh Phi Phi is not good for that and you can get left with poor accommodation at crazy high prices. This is why Phi Phi has very mixed reviews. Those who plan and book ahead get what they want, many who don't, feel like they have been made a sucker of.
Koh Phi Phi attractions
Koh Phi Phi attractions

Monday, March 12, 2012

Best Western Phanganburi Resort

Luxury Best Western Phanganburi Resort,  Koh Phangan Thailand ideal for the full moon party

If you are coming to Koh Phangan to explore a wonderful tropical island or hang out at the famous Full Moon Party (Koh Phangan Full Moon Party dates) then getting the right accommodation is all too crucial. One of my favourite resorts in Phangan is the Best Western Phanganburi Resort and it can be found in the south eastern corner of the island,near Haad Rin and the ferries to Samui.

Only a few years ago, the only people who travelled to Koh Phangan were backpackers in search of a rave. Before that the hippies found their true paradise and hung out on the beach enjoying the natural scenery and lifestyle that is still beguiling today. Even now there are not many 5 star and luxury resorts on the island as Koh Phangan's big brother, Samui has taken most of the hotel industry investment.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Zeavola Phi Phi Resort

Zeavola Phi Phi Resort from the air

Having spent a lot of time in the Thailand hotel industry I have come across a lot of outstanding hotels, resorts and am more than happy to start this tour of the best by submitting the Zeavola Phi Phi Resort.

 The Zeavola Phi Phi Resort is on the far northern tip of Laem Tong Beach on Phi Phi Don Island 850km from Bangkok on the Indian Ocean side of Thailand. Here far from the madding crowd you find a promentory wide enough for a beautiful palm covered beach but too small like the rest of the Phi Phi don island, for  any cars or traffic.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sabai Sabai- Thai Culture

'Sabai' means 'Easy' and is an often quote answer to how you feel when you are feeling good. When you've eaten and you are replete, you are Sabai. When you have had a glass of beer and the mood change has kicked in, you are Sabai. When you are sat on a mat on the beach overlooking some tropical picture perfect scene you are Sabai. When you have just come up from a dive and the boat man asks you how was it, the answer is Sabai. So contented, at one with your self, is the best description of how it translates in every day use.

Some foreigners translate the Thai idea of Sabai, Sabai as a Thai version of the Spanish 'Manana'. Where the emphasis of Manana means we will will worry about it tomorrow,  Sabai means we are in the zone now and the tomorrow part is irrelevant. The Manana has a guilt angle, almost acknowledging that something should be done, some work,  or duty completed. The Thai culture doesn't need this as it's Buddhist values ensure that the moment and not the duty is king.  So in my humble opinion, those who try to equate Manana with Sabai miss the point. I am more knowledgeable with Thai than Spanish so feel free to corrrect me if I am wrong.
Hotels on the beach Sabai Sabai

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Samui Hotel Deals

Samui Hotel Deals on
What is our excitiment over hunting and finding the right hotel deal. It seems to me it's a very natural  'hunter gatherer reaction', a primordial survival tactic for getting on in life. So the getting something for nothing makes us feel good and gives us a natural high whether it is an extra bowl of fruit on arrival, a pretty flower display in a honeymoon suite,  saving 5% here or a free night there.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thai Character- Jai Dee- culture.

Thai Character- Jai Dee. Learning to greet others respectfully is a sign of Jai Dee

Of all the character traits in Thai People understanding Jai Dee is one of the most helpful. Jai Dee means quite literally, Good Heart and refers to the way a Thai person will conduct themselves in their life. It comes from the Buddhist idea of  Karma and the idea of; if you do good, if you are good, you get good in this life.

Western Jai Dee.
In western or Christian values, the idea has similarities but also key differences. A nice guy, a good hearted fellow is someone who always seems to strive or see the positive side of life, get on with people and spend a lot of their own energy to make the best of what ever situation they are experiencing. In the west, when this characteristic is taught at school, it is considered moral a duty to try to be good hearted. 

Thai Jai Dee.
Thai people are taught to consider being Jai Dee a very favourable state.  In Thai culture the trying is not relevant as, due to Karma, you are what you are. Another way of seeing this idea through western eyes is that the emphasis is good fortune whether you turn out to be good hearted or not.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thai Massage- Culture

Thai Massage thumb pressure to the muscles either side of the spine relieve tension and help the flow of energy.
The benefits of Thai Massage are widely appreciated and speaking as someone who has enjoyed literally hundreds, they invariably send me to sleep. However that is because I prefer the softer form of massage that my older body appreciates!

The Thai massage technique needs muscles, manipulates joints and hits pressure points in an almost sublime combination. The Thai massage focuses on the meridians or Channel (Chinese medicine) and Indian nadis and so the process works the physical body but also aims to balance the energy circulating within it.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thailand Island Hopping

Thailand Island Hopping must be one of the world's 10 top things to do. Maybe not on a scale of the 7 wonders of the world but a truly fun and happy experience. To come to Thailand for some island hopping, the land of the smiles, with a small travel bag, a list of top beaches, some ferry times and no particular itinerary feels like freedom, an authentic break with town life back home.

Phang Nga Bay island Hopping boats with the traditional Longtail boat

Thailand has two island infested seas, the Indian Ocean on the south west shore and the Gulf of Siam on the east. The islands on the west coast are dominated by Phuket , Phi Phi Island and Koh Lanta and the east coast comprises of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and Koh Chang. These are the best destinations for a good selections of bungalows, hotel or resorts. Often travellers will choose either coast for their stay as it makes sense but not spend too much time in the process of travel.

Island Hopping Ferry ride to Phangan Haad Rin Full Moon Party Thailand

Here is an overview of these islands to give you a taste of what is great, a must see and what to expect. Firstly the west coast island.

Phuket island hopping.
Famous Phuket found in the 1970's by Vietnam War veterans in search of Paradise and should be on your island hopping list. The perfect beaches on the west coast of the island corralled by the Phuket Highlands that soar up 600 meters, covered with jungle and rubber plantation. The key beaches, now as major holiday destination are Patong, Bang Tao, Karon and Kata Beaches. These resort centers area great places to go and do a bit of haggling for those souvenirs and mementos for back home.
Phuket Island Hopping Thailand

On top of this the seas are a wonderful play ground for sailors, surfers and divers as long as sight seers. Phuket is also right on the doorstep of the Phang Nga Bay where James Bond island towers above the famous beach in the Man with the Golden Gun.

Phuket town is the primary center of the island and hosts the yearly Chinese Vegetarian Festival, an exciting, noisy rodeo of Chinese tradition ancient rites and a very macabre series of gory processions that attempt top route out evil and bring luck for the years ahead.

Phi Phi Island island hopping Just 45 km, 1 hour 30 minute from either Krabi or Phuket island this stunning island is perhaps the jewel of Thailand's islands. 6 mini islands and outcrops, sheer cliffs drop down into the coral filled seas teaming with fish and marine life make this a one stop island hopping paradise. Diving, snorkeling and hanging out are the main adventures by day and the night life and moon light evening make for an exceptional experience. There are no cars on this island and so you are continually hoping in and out of boats to get to all the cool beaches and over to the main bar areas in Phi Phi Don Village.

Phi Phi Island Hopping Thailand

Phi Phi Hotels are mainly on Phi Phi Don and are dominated by the 2 and 3 star resorts with the 4 and 5 star Zeavola, Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island and Phi Phi Island Village Resort and Spa being highly popular.

Island Hopping ferries in Thailand

Koh Lanta island hopping
This is a really get away island, ideal for island for hopping. Predominantly jungle mountain the island is very quiet by the standards of many islands. There are some wonderful resorts including the 2012 Top 25 resorts the Layana Resort And Spa (according to Tripadvisor). This is a great place to unwind, away from the chatter and noise of the main the large resort areas.

Koh Lanta on your island hopping tour, Thailand.

Further locations for island hopping on the west coast.Look up Koh Yao Noi in the Phang Nga bay near Phuket and Phi Phi. This exceptionally quiet island has a few great resorts. This island is flat with some great beaches but with prime position looking out onto the stellar skyline of the island filled Phang Nga Bay.

Koh Yao-island hopping Thailand

Near Krabi Island you have the famous Koh Jum which is a place back in time. Hound by the hippies in the 1980's it has a cast away feel. You can get to this island from Krabi town. Other islands to look up are Koh Kradang, Koh Mook the southerly Koh Tarutao Islands. If you go north to Khao Lak there are islands near the Burmese Boarder such as Koh Chang that are definitely worth an explore.

Koh SamuiVery different from the west coast islands, Koh Samui islanders have a very different take on life. Predominantly Chinese and Thai, (On the West coast you have Muslim Thai and Chinese) the mood is very laid back. Surrounding the main beaches of Chaweng and Lamai you have have exciting mix of of resort town, superb entertainment and night scene. This very wooded and mountainous island has lots to see and explore and the west coast beaches are remote and have timeless sunsets.

                                                                                                                  Samui Island Hopping Thailand

Koh Phangan island Hopping
Very few people get through their time in the Gulf of Thailand without hearing about the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party. Koh Phangan comes alive every full moon as every island hopper in Thailand high tails it down to Haad Rin Beach for 5 days of non stop party. This is a monthly massive event and you hear the rumour mills and the secrets traded as far a field as Khao San Road in Bangkok and Chaing Mai.

Phangan Island Hopping Thailand

Further islands of interest on the east (Gulf of Siam )
Koh Tao is the island famous for diving on the esat coast. There are many beautiful coral gardens around this island and many dive schools there to teach diving. Koh Chang in the far East near Cambodia. This island is a great favourite amongst people from Bangkok.

Koh Chang Island Hopping Thailand

Koh Lipe Island Hopping Thailand

Bamboo island island Hopping boats with speedboats