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Monday, June 11, 2018

Tigerline speedboat, Koh Phi Phi to Phuket. + Stickers explained.

Speedboat, Koh Phi Phi to Phuket.

The Tigerline speedboat drew into the #kohphiphi main pier and off loaded half a dozen tourist and their bags. We didn't get a chance to ask them how far they had come as it was our chance to board. The boat was pretty full as the speedboat left and it was quite noisy with the 3 x 250 hp's on the back, so we all settled into our traveller's 'zone out' mode. I glanced back as we left Tonsa Bay and saw the great plume of spray from the engines frame the mountains around Nui Bay cliffs.

Tigerline speedboat ferry arriving on kohphiphi
Tigerline speedboat ferry arriving on Koh Phi Phi 

Transfer Sticker system on Phi Phi and Phuket. How it works.

Sticker used for transit

These transfer stickers get given to you when you hand in your ticket to agent at the Phi Phi pier. This sticker told the people at the Rasada Pier, Phuket, whether I had a private taxi or joined a group bus to Phuket Airport or to one of the many Phuket Beaches. So this was the onward transfer info. It made for quite a slick process when there were 20 different languages amongst us. This is the same system they use for the tours as well. 

The Phi Phi Pier 4 pm depart time was nearer 4.40 pm which was a bit confusing but when I understood the itinerary it was no wonder that the Tigerline speedboat gets delayed. The massive 3 x 250 horse power engines drives 45 people up from Li Pe island from 100 km further south from Koh PhiPhi. The #speedboat stopped in Trang, Koh Lanta, & suffers from weather, tide and issues of delays from the general public.
Settling in to our seats on the speedboat

Our esteemed Captain...a serious man.

The View of Tonsai & Nui Cliffs in the rear, framed: Koh Phi Phi

Nearing Rasada Pier Phuket

Reversing stern on, in Rasada Port, Phuket

I slept for the crossing from Phi Phi Don and in just under the hour we slowed to approach Rasada Pier the main ferry port in Phuket.

3 x 250hps !! speed.. but comes with noise.
Unloading the bags at the municipal Rasada Pier
Rasada Port with other ferries arriving.

At Rasada Pier I met my joint taxi minibus ride to Chalong at the end of a very comfortable speedboat trip.

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Phi Phi Pier

Boarding the speedboat ferry

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Speedboat tour of Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.

We strolled down Tonsai beach on an idyllic day to Arida, the beach front center for the Arisa speedboat tours of #Kohphiphi. Under the white cliffs of the Tonsai Towers (a famous climbing wall) we saw out 12 seater speedboat, stern to the golden sands and being lapped by the most inconsequential wavelets.

Getting on at Tonsai Bay #KohPhiPhi
Full Day Speedboat Tour of Phi Phi Island
Getting on at Tonsai Bay #KohPhiPhi

The #speedboat lightly bobbed on the crystal electric blue waters as we waited for all of us to board. Our captain Bang Sead, got his apprentices to pull in and stow the anchors and we set off south towards #phiphiley.

Leaving the beach on Tonsai Bay.

We sped out of the bay aiming for Viking Cave and then Pi ley Lagoon. We moored up on the sand beach in a corner of the lagoon and tried to scramble up to the rarely visited view point. Unfortunately it was very overgrown with vines crawling with red ants that delighted in biting us so we turned back just 20 meters from our goal. The smart guys who stayed wallowing in tropical waters had the best result, just lying back enjoying glorious paradise.

Pi Ley Bay, #PhiPhiLey
Full Day Speedboat Tour of Phi Phi Island
Pi Ley Bay, #PhiPhiLey

From Pi Ley Bay we headed south past Loh Samah to snorkel on the diving walls of the Koh Bida islands. Celine saw a leopard shark and a black reef shark immediately. After all 8 of us were in the water the bigger fish had been scared off. Still we saw shoals of big trevally waving around the submerged rock falls from the cliffs. This was are best snorkeling for shoals of small fish .

Full Day Speedboat Tour of Phi Phi IslandLeaving Koh Bida
From #KohBida we headed back north to Palong Bay which is just north of the World renown #MayaBayA local dive profession told us that the black tip shark had been spotted there and sure enough 6 of out 8 had see shark by the end of the visit.

Full Day Speedboat Tour of Phi Phi Island
Palong Bay
Full Day Speedboat Tour of Phi Phi Island
Leaving Palong

The penultimate snorkel stop was a a massive submerged rock just off the bottom of #phiphidon. The water was clearer here and there was a brilliant shoal of mini blue tuna which was a wonderful sight.

The last stop took us to Wang Long, a perfect cut in the cliffs that has access out onto the setting sun. As they sun set we snorkelled under the cliffs and caves eaten away by the low season storms. This was a real magical setting and sealed the end to a perfect day.

Sun Set at Wang Long Bay 3

On the way Back to Koh Phi Phi Don

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