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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thailand Island Hopping

Thailand Island Hopping must be one of the world's 10 top things to do. Maybe not on a scale of the 7 wonders of the world but a truly fun and happy experience. To come to Thailand for some island hopping, the land of the smiles, with a small travel bag, a list of top beaches, some ferry times and no particular itinerary feels like freedom, an authentic break with town life back home.

Phang Nga Bay island Hopping boats with the traditional Longtail boat

Thailand has two island infested seas, the Indian Ocean on the south west shore and the Gulf of Siam on the east. The islands on the west coast are dominated by Phuket , Phi Phi Island and Koh Lanta and the east coast comprises of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and Koh Chang. These are the best destinations for a good selections of bungalows, hotel or resorts. Often travellers will choose either coast for their stay as it makes sense but not spend too much time in the process of travel.

Island Hopping Ferry ride to Phangan Haad Rin Full Moon Party Thailand

Here is an overview of these islands to give you a taste of what is great, a must see and what to expect. Firstly the west coast island.

Phuket island hopping.
Famous Phuket found in the 1970's by Vietnam War veterans in search of Paradise and should be on your island hopping list. The perfect beaches on the west coast of the island corralled by the Phuket Highlands that soar up 600 meters, covered with jungle and rubber plantation. The key beaches, now as major holiday destination are Patong, Bang Tao, Karon and Kata Beaches. These resort centers area great places to go and do a bit of haggling for those souvenirs and mementos for back home.
Phuket Island Hopping Thailand

On top of this the seas are a wonderful play ground for sailors, surfers and divers as long as sight seers. Phuket is also right on the doorstep of the Phang Nga Bay where James Bond island towers above the famous beach in the Man with the Golden Gun.

Phuket town is the primary center of the island and hosts the yearly Chinese Vegetarian Festival, an exciting, noisy rodeo of Chinese tradition ancient rites and a very macabre series of gory processions that attempt top route out evil and bring luck for the years ahead.

Phi Phi Island island hopping Just 45 km, 1 hour 30 minute from either Krabi or Phuket island this stunning island is perhaps the jewel of Thailand's islands. 6 mini islands and outcrops, sheer cliffs drop down into the coral filled seas teaming with fish and marine life make this a one stop island hopping paradise. Diving, snorkeling and hanging out are the main adventures by day and the night life and moon light evening make for an exceptional experience. There are no cars on this island and so you are continually hoping in and out of boats to get to all the cool beaches and over to the main bar areas in Phi Phi Don Village.

Phi Phi Island Hopping Thailand

Phi Phi Hotels are mainly on Phi Phi Don and are dominated by the 2 and 3 star resorts with the 4 and 5 star Zeavola, Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island and Phi Phi Island Village Resort and Spa being highly popular.

Island Hopping ferries in Thailand

Koh Lanta island hopping
This is a really get away island, ideal for island for hopping. Predominantly jungle mountain the island is very quiet by the standards of many islands. There are some wonderful resorts including the 2012 Top 25 resorts the Layana Resort And Spa (according to Tripadvisor). This is a great place to unwind, away from the chatter and noise of the main the large resort areas.

Koh Lanta on your island hopping tour, Thailand.

Further locations for island hopping on the west coast.Look up Koh Yao Noi in the Phang Nga bay near Phuket and Phi Phi. This exceptionally quiet island has a few great resorts. This island is flat with some great beaches but with prime position looking out onto the stellar skyline of the island filled Phang Nga Bay.

Koh Yao-island hopping Thailand

Near Krabi Island you have the famous Koh Jum which is a place back in time. Hound by the hippies in the 1980's it has a cast away feel. You can get to this island from Krabi town. Other islands to look up are Koh Kradang, Koh Mook the southerly Koh Tarutao Islands. If you go north to Khao Lak there are islands near the Burmese Boarder such as Koh Chang that are definitely worth an explore.

Koh SamuiVery different from the west coast islands, Koh Samui islanders have a very different take on life. Predominantly Chinese and Thai, (On the West coast you have Muslim Thai and Chinese) the mood is very laid back. Surrounding the main beaches of Chaweng and Lamai you have have exciting mix of of resort town, superb entertainment and night scene. This very wooded and mountainous island has lots to see and explore and the west coast beaches are remote and have timeless sunsets.

                                                                                                                  Samui Island Hopping Thailand

Koh Phangan island Hopping
Very few people get through their time in the Gulf of Thailand without hearing about the Koh Phangan Full Moon Party. Koh Phangan comes alive every full moon as every island hopper in Thailand high tails it down to Haad Rin Beach for 5 days of non stop party. This is a monthly massive event and you hear the rumour mills and the secrets traded as far a field as Khao San Road in Bangkok and Chaing Mai.

Phangan Island Hopping Thailand

Further islands of interest on the east (Gulf of Siam )
Koh Tao is the island famous for diving on the esat coast. There are many beautiful coral gardens around this island and many dive schools there to teach diving. Koh Chang in the far East near Cambodia. This island is a great favourite amongst people from Bangkok.

Koh Chang Island Hopping Thailand

Koh Lipe Island Hopping Thailand

Bamboo island island Hopping boats with speedboats

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Haggling, Bargaining, Negotiating in Thailand- Thai culture.

Hill trip trinket sellers in the night market Thailand

Haggling, Bargaining, or Negotiating is an art form and nowhere more interesting than in Thailand. Haggling, Bargaining, or Negotiating is about getting your own way and has been one of the chief life skills of man through the ages. Here is my take on it after 20 years in Thailand and I end with a few suggestions and strategies. It is mainly aimed at tourists arriving in Thailand, those who fancy haggling at a night market but there are some useful tips for those negotiating in business. I hope the tips make sense and are useful. Happy haggling.

Haggling, Bargaining, or Negotiating is where one man pits his trading skills, and uses humour, leverage and an adaptive mind as well as reading all the nuances of the moment to get what he wants. The psychology of a meeting of two strangers is critical for know when to ask directly for what you want.

So how does it work in Thailand. What special Thai knowledge do you need to get the bargain you need.

Is this old map worth time bargaining over?
Average, general, ball park Prices
Preparation is everything. Get a general feel of prices among shops selling the same thing. In business this is quite a process and often means a lot of work researching and meeting suppliers maybe spending some time on line. For a night market situation I would walk along the shops and work out which shop and which sellers look like the most agreeable. I would then ask their neighbours about the prices of the goods I am interested in. This is a fact finding process and it is important to not bite at the first shop that promotes what you are looking for the way you like.

Haggle for a bargain in anight market Thailand
The Haggling dilemma
Both buyer and salesman have key advantages. The sales man has a price he has bought the goods for and therefore knows what the minimum market price makes senses to him. The seller also can haggle all day as this is his job whereas the buyer is often fitting it in between the beach and restaurant time.

The seller has the wallet and an approximate idea of how much he would be happy with and probably knows an approximate price he would pay in his home country. So the main question for the buyer is How to push the seller to come down to his minimum sales price.

How much would you pay for these coins in Thailand?
Haggling using time.Very few sellers are rushed to sell. Street sellers have all day. Business is a process. However you can often see buyers rushing in and hope that by battering down the salesman defences they will get a deal. This in your face style invariably fails as the sales man is more patient, it's his job.

I have done it myself. I go in and start trading prices before the salesman has got up off his chair. The frustration caused by not getting the deal you want is painful indeed and needs to be avoided. You know the taxi ride should be price A, why doesn't the taxi man just say it and be done and we can all get on our merry way. But this idea looses sight of the key part of the equation. This is the sellers livelihood and he is more than happy to wait to increase his sales price even by 5%. So, slow down be patient and you will get a better deal than if you are rushed.

Chatuchak street market, a perfect place to test your negotiating skills

Get the buyer to like you. Treat the seller with respect.
This is a simple enough idea but more progress is made with people who like you than with 'strangers'. Your counter offer is more likely listened to if the sales man is smiling and you are having a crack. I was always told to compliment another persons property. 'Nice shop you got here', 'is that golf course in the photo near hear, looks great'. Some might say it's a schmooze to far but if it is a genuine interest in the human in front of you I think it's OK and also, what's important to me, it seems to help the bargaining.

Negotiating with a smile in Thailand

Thai psychology in a negotiation.
It helps a lot to understand a bit of Thai psychology. Thai self respect or Face, humour, and the Thai smile are key components in haggling for a t-shirt, a wooden jenga game. If you can get this right and even throw in a couple of mini phrases in Thai you can get a great deal.

Chatuchak market in Bangkok Thailand

Thai Face
Thai Face in a negotiation is all about making the Thai man feel comfortable and not making any mistakes with body language. So, 1. Do smile non stop, 2. try to be happy, 3. be ready to laugh. 4. Don't point or 5. don't touch a Thai person's head and 6. apologies if you accidental touch any body with your feet. 7. Don't point with your feet.

Thai people are not usually big on hearty hearty hugs or embraces, often keeping back from touch ( it can be a hot and sweaty country after all) so a 'minimalist you ' can be your best you.

Enjoying some market food in Thailand
Haggling and Money
As a European I can be serious when it comes to money but in Thailand this idea can't be pushed to hard on the outside even if this is what your mind is telling you on the inside. For a street trader the sales are free and easy and if you go along with the idea that this is just a game, the negotiation flows more easily. The freer the flow of the bargaining the more times you can get your counter off in without it being turned down.

Thai Language
I have learn't Thai language over the years but it doesn't come easy to me. See the other Thai Language Blog here. I find the Thai for hello or thank you useful but one of phrases like 'Lot Noi Dai Mai' really makes a difference in the street market. This phrase means can you drop the price a bit and is said with a huge smile on your face to show that it isn't too serious. I only use it towards the end of the negotiation as it it is a last squeeze but I am always surprised by how many people are unnerved enough to drop another bit again.

Bargaining or negotiating tactics.
Always aim high in the street marketing process. Talk about, compliment and show interest in the most expensive item in the shop. This gets the trader's mind engaged. It is probably the item that creates his most profit. The next phase is to ask the price and then revert to talking about the most favoured item, complimenting as you go. Next I would comment that it's a price more than I am interested in paying. In this situation you will get the first counter offer from the seller. Next I will ask about whether it includes deliver or if I buy 2. This will get another lowering or improvement of the deal. And so on, until you say with regret that after all it is not in your budget. Now you can go to another item which is cheaper and start the process again..... and if you have the time, again.

Finally when the seller is really starting to know you, show interest in the item you want. By this time the seller understands you are not a push over and you will be offered a more reasonable price from the beginning.

Make it a negotiation.
From the tactics above you see that a simple request for a price has been drawn out and so from a sales situation, where there is a fixed price, to a haggled final price there has been a negotiation.

There are born negotiators everywhere but the art is a process and must be practiced with patience. Give it a go. It can be a lot of fun.

A typical night market in Thailand

 T shirt world in Thailand

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chinese New Year (CNY) hotel availability in Thailand

Chinese New Year Hotel availability is of key concern to all people looking for accommodation in Thailand during this yearly festival. Whether you are coming in from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore or from Europe there can be major issues of availability in Thailand during this time. You should read the tips here if you are having trouble with getting hotel accommodation.

Chinese New Year greeting and feeding the dragon, Thailand

It is difficult to express how big a yearly festival and annual migration the Chinese New Year represents. Traditionally every conceivable mode of transport is used to get home to your birthplace to catch up with your family and renew. See below for more on the Chinese New Year festival) Nowadays many see this holiday as a welcome break from work and want to get out of town and enjoy some down time. For whatever the reason, availability in the hotels is difficult.

Size Matters in Thailand when it comes to hotel availability.
One trick that has worked for me on these holidays through the years is, aim for size. If you are late to book a hotel or resort, if it has more than 150 rooms you are more likely to have availability than the more boutique type hotel / resorts where their 50-70 rooms get snapped up early.

Tips for availability around Thailand.

Department stores are dressed for Chinese New Year Thailand

Availability in Bangkok Hotels
If you are arriving into Bangkok there will always be somewhere to stay as Bangkok has more hotel rooms space than all of India. However, to get something you really want might not be so easy. For sure if you want a room down near Yaorawat Rd Chinatown it might be impossible unless you are booking months in advance. For most people a bit of cunning is needed. If you check you maps you can choose to stay away from Yaowarat say in a district like Sukhumvit where you might want to look at the 5 star , 4 star or the 3 star .

Plaza Athenee Bangkok during Chinese new Year (CNY) Thailand

The other tip for Bangkok is follow the MRT (Mass Rail Transit ) line and stay near this as you are then close to an awful lot of Bangkok. This will cut your travel times down between points of interest.

Phuket Hotel Availability
There is a large Chinese community here and there are many Chinese Nationals who come here to celebrate Chinese New Year. Most of the key Chinese temples are in Phuket town and on the road up to the airport and out at Chern Talay near the Laguna Resorts.

Local Chinese Temple art work Thailand

The trick for availability is the large resort town of Patong where you might look at the larger resorts of 5 star , 4 star or and 3 star or .

Phuket Graceland Resort during Chinese new Year Thailand

Other areas you might consider are down in the far south, hotels and resorts in Kata Beach or Nai harn Beach.

Phi Phi Island Hotel availability
Primarily this does not have many Chinese Thai's working here but thge group is run but a Chinese family from Had Yai. Likely availability will be at 4 star and the 2 star .
Phi Phi Hill Resort at Chinese New Year Thailand

Samui Hotel availability
Chaweng is the main beach town for Samui and here you will often find some availability so look at hotels like 5 star , 4 star and 3 star or .

New Star Beach Resort during Chinese New Year Thailand

Chinese New Year Dates (CNY dates)

2012 January 23 Dragon
2013 February 10 Snake
2014 January 31 Horse
2015 February 19 Sheep
2016 February 8 Monkey
2017 January 28 Rooster
2018 February 16 Dog
2019 February 5 Pig

New to the Chinese New Year?
The Chinese New Year celebration is about the family and ancestors. It's a celebration of all those who have come before you and brought you to this time, blessed to be surrounded by family. Chinese New Year is a quiet day to be with family and maybe visit the extended family.

The head of the family will lead the everybody to the shrine where they will give thanks to their ancestors. The family will offer food to the family ancestors and pray for them. Interestingly the food will have meaning so if an uncle loved belly of pork there might be a small dish of this among the sweet cakes. To the outside world this might seem a random collection of food types but the symbolism is a very strong and binding gesture that keeps the notion of family at the forefront of Chinese belief system.

Chinese New Year offerings to the ancestors
Leting off fire crackers is very important to Chinese people to ward off bad spirits

Incense is lit and used in part while bowing 3 times at the ancestral shrine and bowing towards the family elders. This sign if respect is in keeping with the day#'s ceremony. Only after these acts have been performed can the celebrations for Chinese New Year continue. The Chinese feast day is the biggest day of the year.

New Years Eve
The Chinese New Years Eve celebrations are famous for colour noise and offerings on the street. Legend has at that a strange and exotic beast called ' Nien' would come and ravage the streets and town so Chinese people placed offerings decorated the house with red, wore red and lit firecracker to ward off this evil.

Vibrant Colour surrounding the Chinese New year Celebrations Thailand

During the New Years Eve celebrations, adults will hand red envelopes 'ang pao' the the children. Theses money presents are always of great delight to young and old, giver and receiver. Thai Chinese communities will set off firecrackers in their thousands and the noise and colour is immense. Bangkok Chinatown along Yaowarat Rd will have dragon dances and acrobat processions all day and night and the restaurants will be packed with people celebrating.

Sale of Chinese New Year Decorations Thailand

Cheap Air Tickets to Thailand -Guest Blog

Cheap Air Tickets to Thailand
Thailand is one the most popular beach destinations in the global tourism industry because apart from the panoramic beaches to rejuvenate and abundance of water activities to enjoy it offers luxury at budget prices. Thick jungles, crystal blue waters, lip-smacking cuisine, exotic culture and cheap yet ultra-modern accommodation facilities attracts millions of tourists from across the world to relax, refresh and rejoice in this vivid land, Thailand. If you’re also looking forward for a budget friendly vacation in Thailand, the first thing is book cheap airline tickets at the earliest and rest assured that the whole trip would be suitable to your pocket.
Here are some tips to book cheap airline tickets to Thailand:
1) Plan your trip 30-60 days in advance: Except for July and August months (being monsoon season), there’s a lot of traffic to Thailand. The fewer the seats vacant, the higher the ticket cost is. Hence, waiting for last minute deals won’t be a great idea. Hence, waiting for last minute deals to Thailand is certainly not a good idea if you want to book cheap air tickets.
2) Travel on week days rather than weekends: Many people make their travelling plans on weekends taking care of their working schedule. This is the reason air fares tend to be higher on weekends.
3) Check for Early Morning or Late Night Flights: Early morning and late night flights are usually cheaper as not many people prefer to board flights during odd hours. If you are not travelling with kids, it would be a great idea to book these flights as there will be comparatively less number of passengers on board.
Thus, planning for departure on a weekday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, and coming back on early Saturday or Sunday morning may help you in getting air tickets for cheap. And by booking your tickets a month or two before departure may fetch you the cheapest fare for the same dates.
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Author: Rachna, CheapOair Travel Blog

Monday, January 9, 2012

Co Phi Phi

Co Phi Phi is magic. According to a WIN-Gallup International center survey, the happiest people live in Co Phi Phi (85%). It certainly has won many accolades for it's beauty and as each year roles by and the ferries round the headlands of Co Phi Phi Don, a new wave of visitors gap with pure delight as they catch their first glimpse of Tonsai Bay.

Co Phi Phi is not a resort town, or resort bay experience but an eclectic mix of simple and luxury hotels nestles around a bustling village where you are just as likely to enjoy some serious diving or snorkeling as you are to take on some serious nightlife partying. And if this seems all too much there are plenty of places to just sit and soak up paradise and while a way a few perfect days in the sun.

Kicking Back on Co Phi Phi Thailand.

One thing all visitors have in common is their love of the way the sand feels between their toes... sheer pleasure. The seas are a gorgeous 29 degrees all year round so you can swim as long as you wish, either to take the heat of the day off your back or play at night in the moonlight and experience that special romantic moment.

Maya Bay Co Phi Phi Thailand

Co Phi Phi is about romance for many who visit it's shores. The elegant settings, the lack of the serious world makes this an ideal place to unwind and let the moment and the rhythm of nature take you where you need to be. , , are the high end romantic getaways in the north of the island. and Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel are the main ones for Phi Phi Don Village.

Holiday Inn Phi Phi Thailand

One of my biggest loves of this special place is that there are no cars. Walk. Yes you must walk everywhere and this means take it slow or you will get too hot. So everybody including the market traders are taking it slow as this is the best way to move around. This adds to the laid back atmosphere of Phi Phi. Air conditioning is an important part of your decision making process when you book accommodation on Co Phi Phi. Those who don't need air con and can cope with the heat but for many the air con and swimming pool are essential.

Co Phi Phi revolves around the sea as nearly every piece of land turns into hill as soon as you get more than 150 meters inland. The beaches and boating trips seem to dominate the main activities and there is plenty to see.

The traditional boat of the islands is the Longtail boat which is basically a tractor engine with an extra long prop shaft that acts as a rudder as well. These used to be very noisy affairs but in the last few years mufflers and petrol engines are being used which makes for a much more pleasurable ride. The longtail is the main taxi, tour and excursion boat that gets you from bay to bay or out to Phi Phi Ley. Out in the fresh air, with the wind blowing past your face and out on the sea... there's nothing better.

For those who need a bit more that the 5-8 passenger longtail boats, the wooden converted fishing boats are a great way to tour. These boats often have a toilet and are more sea worthy but on the down side will have tours with 20 or more people on them.

Bamboo island sits to the north and has a commanding view of Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley in the distance, is surrounded by a huge coral garden and has a sandy beach that need a sunglasses warning on it as the sand is that bright!

Phi Phi Ley is about 97% cliff which seems impossible until you get their. The sheer faces drop straight into the deep blue sea. Wall diving is a key draw on this island. The Viking Cave is where the Bird's Nest Soup ingredients are farmed and this is Co Phi Phi 's primary industry outside tourism. The 2 beaches are a joy to be seen. Loh Samah has a tiny beach and a lovely coral reef. Maya Bay beach is where the shot the movie for Leonardo Di Caprio's classic 'The Beach'. This island has many tour boats so it is best to visit out of hours.

Co Phi Phi Don has the accommodation and here you can find everything from dormitories to 4 and 5 star resorts. The island can only sleep about 6400 tourists but there is such a diverse group of people that party nights can be quite brilliant.

Kayaking on Co Phi Phi Thailand

Co Phi Phi Hotels and Resorts are predominantly on the beach and 50% of them will have a swimming pool. Guesthouses, dormitories camping (camping not in place every year) will be inland but JJ Bungalow is in the middle of the island and it is only 180 meters and 220m from Loh Dalum beach or Tonsai Bay. Best Budget Hotels and Resorts, Best Mid Range Hotels , Best Beach Front Resorts on Phi Phi are useful links for good accommodation.

Fruit seller on on the main pier

Co Phi Phi is a collection of 6 islands, the two many Phi Phi's Bamboo island Moskito Island and the 2 rocky diving outcrops of the Bida's. The geography of the island is stunning with near vertical cliffs dominating the landscape where ever you look. The only real flat land is at the main Co Phi Phi Village by the main pier and at Loh Bagoa where the famous Phi Phi island Village Resort holds court. Co Phi Phi is reached by ferries from Phuket Krabi and Lanta Island some 45km away and for more details in getting there see the main transfer to Co Phi Phi help page. is the predominate website for detail and good research on Co Phi Phi Weather, Phi Phi Photo Galleries, Phi Phi Interactive Map.

Cliff jumping off Phi Phi Don

Co Phi Phi is also known by Koh Phi Phi or Phi Phi island or Phi Phi Thailand.
See more Aerial shots of Phi Phi here.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Golf in Thailand

Thailand Golf.
Thai people are mad on golf. To play golf gives you a social standing and the Thai face of someone of importance. There is no other sport that has piqued the Thai's imagination. Golf, the infamous struggle of mind and club against ball and hole has ensured
an amazing number of golf clubs through out Thailand. Around all the major towns there are golf courses and the business classes while away many a fruitful hour chewing over opportunities as well as enjoying some of the most delightful golfing in the world. If you like golf then Thailand is an ideal holiday destination for you.

Another charming aspect of golf in Thailand is the Caddy system. 200-350 THB gets you an attentive, quiet caddy who will carry your bags and offer when needed, some helpful advice on each hole. Play in the morning or evening to avoid the heat and you will have some delightful days ahead of you.

Only one caveat and that is be prepared for a wager. There seems to be nothing like the thrill of money riding on the next putt to get Thai golfers smiling and laughing. Often per hole this can be quite a cost if you are having an average day.

There is a vast variety of golf clubs in Thailand and here are a few that give an idea of what to expect.

Bangkok golf
Golf in Bangkok is an exclusive past time as with all major cities in Asia. Land is precious, golf is played at golf country clubs that often enjoy the full gamut of club facilities like restaurants, pools and often gyms and or spas. The whole golf experience is based on the gentile pastime of the haves and or businessman. These golf clubs have long histories and often high membership prices which encourage a luxurious surroundings and luxury apres enjoyment.

Alpine Golf and Sports Club

As one of the top two golf clubs in Bangkok and on of the best in Thailand as a whole the
Alpine Golf and Sports Club is a very difficult course with fast green and rolling fairways. Tiger Woods won at this exclusive private club which hosted the 2000 ’Johnnie Walker Classic’.

Alpine Golf and Sports Club, Bangkok, Thailand

Pro Shop Driving Range Tennis Pool Sauna Massage Restaurant.
Par 72. 18 Holes.
Designed by Ronald Mr. GARL
Time from Hotels.
(downtown approx) 1 hour
Suggested Hotel: Banyan Tree Bangkok

Bangkok Golf ClubRated in the top 10 of Bangkok Golf courses that has a collection of delightful water hazards that's keeps you guessing till the final hole. The Bangkok Golf Club is a highly rated for the club house ambiance and greens.
Features; Additions are a 9-hole Par 3 course. Pro Shop Driving Range Tennis Pool
Massage Restaurant Night Golf .
Par 72.Designed by Chird BOONYARATHAPANTime from Hotel; (downtown approx) 45 min.
Suggested Hotel:
Green Valley Country ClubNear the new Suvarnabhumi airport and just off the Bang Na Trat Highway this is one of Bangkok's more traditional golf course. The fairways, greens and water obstacles make for a great afternoon out in this immaculate kept course.
Green Valley Country Club Thailand
Features; Opened 1988 Pro Shop Driving Range Pool Sauna Massage Restaurant
Par 72, 18 HoleDesigned by Robert TRENT JONES jr.Time from Hotel; (downtown approx) 45-60 min.
Suggested Hotel:

Hua Hin golf.Golf in Hua Hin is often treated as a weekend by the sea for many, an escape from the hectic and busy ritual of Bangkok life. And why not. Just 3 hours drive out of the center of one of Asia's biggest metropolis's is one of the primary oasis's with so many things to do for the those who enjoy a bit of luxury. A bit more laid back and a lot more country makes a weekend out to Hua Hin a tremendous phillip after a week in the grind.

Banyan Golf Hua Hin
This one of Hua Hin's most famous recent landmarks, opened in 2008 it is already considered one of the top 3 courses. Elegant greens and fairways make for a lovely day out amongst nature.
Banyan Hua Hin Thailand
Features; Pro Shop Driving Range, Restaurant
72. 18 Hole

Designed by
Time from Hotel; (
downtown approx) 15 min.

Suggested Hotel:
Evason Hua Hin And Six Senses Spa
Black Mountain Golf Club.A golf course that is notably one of the best in the region offers 18 holes of pure pleasure. Set amongst the rolling hills that breath pure oxygen, this is a superb location for any golfer.
Black Mountain Golf Club Hua Hin Thailand
Features; Pro Shop, Driving Range, Restaurant, Spa,Par 72. 18 HoleDesigned by Phil RYAN (Pacific Coast Design)Time from Hotel; (downtown approx) 15 min.
Suggested Hotel:
Black Mountain Golf Club Hua Hin Thailand
The Imperial Lakeview Hotel and Golf ClubThis resort course offers an 18 course and 2 nine hole courses which gives a wonderful variation to a golfing vacation. As a typical resort course it is not too difficult and there are a multitude of golf buggies to to keep the strain to a minimum.

Features; Phil RYAN (Pacific Coast Design)Par 72. 18 HoleDesigned by Phil RYAN (Pacific Coast Design)Time from Hotel; (downtown approx) 15 min.
Suggested Hotel:

Pattaya golf.
Pattaya is the seaside fun town of Bangkok but has a rather good reputation for golf. Just a couple of hours outside Bangkok itself, you can let yourself go a bit down on the beach. The courses are more in land and benefit from the real magic of the Thai countryside. When golf is finished the famous nightlife in Pattaya will add to your enjoyment.

Bangpra International Golf Club.This well established golf course has been redesigned many times since it's opening in 1958. The Japanese design style comes with the incorporation of nature, trees and water features that make a game here a real pleasure. The hills as back drop add a borrowed scenery to a wonderful club.

Bangpra International Golf Club Thailand
Features; Pro Shop Driving Range Tennis Pool, Sauna Massage Restaurant Par 72. 18 HoleDesigned by Japan Golf PromotionTime from Hotel; (downtown approx) 60 min.
Suggested Hotel:
Amari Orchid Pattaya
Burapha Golf Club
The 2x 18 hole
Burapha Golf Club courses are a championship course and an intriguing and charming British style Country Course. Both courses present challenges and with their location a possible day out from Bangkok itself.
Features; Pro Shop Driving Range Tennis Pool Sauna Restaurant
Par 72. 18 Hole.

Designed by
Time from Hotel; (downtown approx) 30 min.

Suggested Hotel:

Crystal Bay Golf ClubThe renovated 27 holes
Crystal Bay Golf Club enjoys lush landscaping with water features that are not always there as hazards. The club has a Hawaian feel with the extensive use of palms and a well watered fairways. Some of the par 3's are testing!
Crystal Bay Golf Club Pattaya Thailand
Features; Pro Shop Driving Range Pool Sauna Massage RestaurantPar 108. 27 HolesDesigned by THAI TAKENAKATime from Hotel; (downtown approx) 30 min.
Suggested Hotel:
Amari Orchid Pattaya

Golf on Thailand's islands.There's nothing quite like golf on the islands of Thailand and Phuket dominates the scene with 6 well turned out courses. Along side the courses you get some fabulous views (Mission Hills) and some wonderful settings Country Club that make a day, weekend or week highly memorable.
Phuket Golf.Phuket is an ideal Golfing destination. Phuket has a wonderful range of luxury Hotels and resort and host of further activities to make a trip to Phuket truly eclectic. The diving or jungle safaris can take your mind away from a bad day of golf and the restaurant and nightlife scene can sooth away a hard day on the greens.

Blue Canyon Country Club
Blue Canyon Country Club is one of Thailand's finest clubs that boast both a Champion Course, The Canyon Course and the Lakes Course. The exquisite nature of the Canyon Course is a must experience for all serious golfers. Golf carts only available on LAKES.

Blue Canyon Country Club Phuket Thailand

Features; Pro Shop Driving Range Pool Sauna Massage Restaurant
72/72. 2x 18 Holes.

Designed by
Yoshikazu KATO/Gary PLAYER
Time from Hotel; (
approx) 20min.

Suggested Hotel:
Banyan Tree Phuket
Laguna Phuket Golf Club
The Laguna
Phuket Golf Club is the classic Resort course that is quite forgiving. The atmosphere is typically relaxed and allows you to take in the Kamala Highlands. No golf carts available.
Laguna Phuket Golf Club Thailand
Features; Pro Shop Driving Range Tennis Pool Sauna Massage Restaurant
Par 71. 18 Holes.

Designed by
Time from Hotel; (approx) 5 min.

Suggested Hotel:

Phuket Country ClubThe Phuket Country Club is the established course in Phuket for all the old families and those who have spent time on the island. The wonderful setting takes in the Phuket Highlands in a vast panorama that almost surrounds you. It's location close to Patong Beach makes it very popular with weekend golfers.
Phuket Country Club Thailand
Features; Pro Shop Driving Range Pool Sauna Restaurant Par 72/36. 18/9 HolesDesigned byTime from Hotel; (downtown approx) 10 min.
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