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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cheap Hotels in Patong

Continuing on from my theme of showing some good hotel deals in Thailand I have got some more information about cheap Hotels in Patong. Patong is the primary beachfront resort town on Phuket island on the south west coast of Thailand, facing west into the Indian Ocean and takes in sublime sunsets every night. (I talk about Phuket a lot as this is where I have lived for a long time and my office is in Phuket town.)

Patong Beach is a 4.2 km of sandy and palm-fringed beachfront that is surrounded by the Patong Highland mountains. This ampli-theatre effect ensure that you experience nature wherever you stay as the verdant hills covered with jungle and rubber forests are always visible. It is no surprise that after hippie travelling scene of the 1970s and the fall out fro the Vietnam war, Patong was 'found' and settled by those who just want to get a way from the stress of what was then, modern living.
Cheap Hotels in Patong views of Patong Beach

Since the 1970s Patong has grown into quite a town, which is low rise on the whole, and with it's beautiful beach, is now more a resort town destination than a beach holiday one. The nightlife zone is one of Thailands most exotic and the choice of cafe, restaurant, bar, disco, club, show in this town is staggering.

Cheap Hotels in Patong by price alone.

The headline act as I often say is the Patong hotel with the lowest price. This caters for those on a real budget or just don't see the need for paying for time when they are unconscious! Anyway, my pick on this is the Lamai Apartment which comes in at an outstanding 12 Euro a night. The Lamai Apartment is set back from the beachfront in the local area of town and is a great place to hang out and experience Thai life, culture and customs, and take in a really fiery curry. This fun side of the experience makes this hostel style of accommodation worth the effort if you are travelling on a budget.
Cheap Hotels in Patong Lamai Apartment
Another pick is a bit more expensive but definitely in the cheap hotels bracket and very central to all the nightlife action near Bangla Road. The Apk Resort And Spa starting price for the standard room is 18 Euro a night and with it's roof top pool and guaranteed sunsets, it clean, comfortable rooms and great reviews is highly recommended.

Cheap Hotels in Patong Apk Resort And Spa
 Value cheap Hotels in Patong.
There is cheap and cheap! In this section we are looking at cheap Hotels in Patong that have great value within the price or star band that the hotel caters for. A good luxury cheap hotel in Patong might be the Phuket Graceland Resort And Spa  which has a beachfront position, has excellent rooms and is just 400 meters from the centre of Patong, Bangla Road. Beachfront, 4 stars and 88 Euro, this is great value especially when compared to the similar beachfront 4 star  Holiday Inn Resort Phuket that comes in at 109 Euro a night. 

Cheap Hotels in Patong Phuket Graceland Resort And Spa 

Cheap Hotels in Patong Phuket Graceland Resort And Spa 
Cheap Hotels in Patong Holiday Inn Resort Phuket

Moving in land by 150 meters gets you a another cheap Hotels in Patong. The 4 star Duangjitt Resort
enjoys a lovely setting with extensive landscaped gardens and 2 pool areas and is 61 Euro a night. All of these 4 star resorts are large enough to not be swamped by the presence of Patong and have their own calm nature.

Cheap Hotels in Patong Duangjitt Resort

There is a quirk within Patong and that is the new 5 star Millennium Resort Patong Phuket  that comes in at a surprising 96 Euro a night. This low price is explained as it is a town hotel in the centre of nightlife zone and next to 'Junk Ceylon', a major shopping mall. Still the resort is only 350 meters back from the beach and might be considered good value.

Tricks to finding a cheap Hotels in Patong.
There are many places to find the cheap Patong hotel Deals but this link gives Free Night Specials, Fixed Night Promotions, Special Discounts, Early Bird Offers Honeymoon offers for all of Phuket and by month. You will notice that most of the good deals come in the months between May 1st and October 31st. This are the traditional low season months but the  real monsoon comes through in June and September so the beginning of May, 10th July till 20th August and 10th October onwards can have high season like weather. The low season has the deals but it also starts from low season prices which can be 40% of high season ones. So combining the low season rates and getting a deal can get you more than 60% off high season rates.

Anyway, good luck with your search and let me know if you get something impressive, or find a Patong hotel you want to shout about.


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