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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thailand with kids

Space, quality time with kids
If you don't get to see your kids a lot because of work and commitments, your vacation time can be very precious, a time away from the hubbub of the daily grind, the kids out of the repetitiveness of school life and the Xbox.

If I am honest, I don't really get to play as much with the kids as I want, as life is a frantic rush between, getting up, getting everybody to school, getting fed in the evening, homework, down time in front of the TV or machine and sleep. Weekends are not much better as the kids have their sport, their sleep overs, their list of must do's.

It's difficult to have strong bonding moment without distractions, or a common task or family chore. Travel can bring all these things back to the family in spades so in my opinion, the family vacation, though expensive is essential for a happy life.

Thailand with kids
I am often asked how to travel in Thailand with the kids and I say easy. Once you bite the bullet with the cost of the air fare I find it straight forward. I am looking for kid friendly hotels that have plenty of space, have good pool facilities and are on the beach. I am looking for hotels and resorts that have family rooms, connecting rooms or who can make up an extra bed in my room. I am look for resorts with easy access to international hospitals (God forbid) and are not too far from the airport. These can be found and a tour through the kingdom can be as fun and outward going or inward resort looking as you like.

Thailand for kids
Thai people love kids. They love kids and I don't mean in a creepy or oddball way. It's as if kids can do no wrong and hotel staff are more than happy to give kids attention or even play with them for hours on end even if they are at work.

Having said that, an area where Thai people can be a bit over playful is when they see children with fair and white hair. It can be a bit off putting as people will come up to the children and touch their head, their hair or might be inclined to give a friendly pinch on the cheek. If this type of thing would unnerve you be prepared.

Thai people love babies and again will be inclined to touch and pat which does make a lot of families uncomfortable. If this doesn't worry you too much it can be made use of. Often my wife and I had many pleasant meals down by the beach while a member of staff either held the babies or played with them.

On the whole Thai people are very generous and accommodation towards kids and go out of their way to help families travelling in Thailand.

Thailand for children
Children like many things about Thailand. There are many reasonably priced hotels that have wonderfully playful water pools, and water parks, have games rooms and have great in room facilities... like the dreaded gaming machines.

Western food is available in all 3-5 star resorts although my kids were happy with fried rice and fried eggs, or noodle soup or fried noodles as Thai food for ages. The bar B q chicken or pork appears every where and of course the ubiquitous fruit is a Major pull to all those who appreciate healthy eating. Now in their teens they eat a far wider selection of simple or light curries.
Playing on the beach is one of life's great pleasures and no less on Thai Resort destinations and Islands. Those families with kids new to Thailand might want to start their first couple of days on the beach at either sunrise or sunset as the sun can cause all kinds of sun burning or heat stroke. Shade time, Sun cream and covering up are strongly advised.
Thailand is a great Vacation for the family
The right hotel or resort for your family in Thailand can be a difficult thing to prescribe but here is a list of hotels that might be of interest.

3 star Merlin Beach Resort

Phi Phi Island
3 star Andaman Beach Resort
Family Bungalow (sleeps 4)

Samui4 star Amari Palm Reef Resort

Marriott Resort And Spa Bangkok

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