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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How to avoid making simple mistakes on the Koh Phi Phi Ferry.

Avoid making rookie errors on the Koh Phi Phi Ferry.
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You can see here a few videos taken on the Phuket to Koh Phi Phi ferry with a description of what to expect on the ferries and what to avoid.

The Phi Phi Ferries are numerous as both Phuket and Krabi have multiple departures (Phuket 08.30, 11.00, 13.30, 15.00/ Krabi 09.00, 10.30,13.30, 15.00/ Koh Lanta 08.00,1300) and multiple ferries in the morning. The morning ferries double as one day sightseeing tour and cruises and are often busy with large groups from all over the world. The later ferries tend to be smaller but filled with people who are definitely overnight on Koh Phi Phi.


The Phuket 08.30, Krabi 09.00, Koh Lanta 08.00 are the first to leave ferries are large. The Largest Sea Angel can take 600 people. Most of the people on these ferries are moved around in large groups and offered a cruise, drinks and food in a day of sight seeing, snorkeling and eating. If you are on these ferries, and these are often promoted as the best ferries, it's good to get on the boat early so you can get a good place to sit. You also want to get your travel bag in an area where you can get it easily or you can be waiting 20 minutes after the ferry arrives to retrieve it.

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Avoid simple mistakes Getting Off your ferry at Koh Phi Phi Pier, the article with videos that take you through how to get off the ferry and how to pay the 20 THB Koh Phi Phi entry fee with minimum fuss.
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