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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pre Book Koh Phi Phi or Find accommodation on Arrival - January

Koh Phi Phi in January
Koh Phi Phi in January

I would definitely recommend to book in advance for any accommodation in January on #KohPhiPhi.

All resorts, hotels, guesthouses, dorms accommodation are thoroughly reviewed by tripsadvisor and etc and by the mechanics of 'best booked first', get taken. If you turn up and try to get a place to stay by walking around there is bound to be rooms available but you can easily end up with something that is less than perfect, in the wrong location and / or, at a higher price than your budget. If you are lucky you can get a recently completed room that hasn't got round to promoting or hasn't been picked up by social media.

Availability on Koh Phi Phi in January
Availability on Koh Phi Phi in January

If you book late for January you can be getting yourself into the same situation so book early. Most accommodation is available a good 9 months or more ahead of check in so it is possible to do your research and find your quality, budget and location in the comfort of home without lugging your luggage around in 30 degrees C looking for the best spot.

To give you an idea of Koh Phi Phi occupancy in Coco's guesthouse was 96% in Jan in 2016, 93% in Jan in 2015 and 93% in Jan 2015. Coco's is just a 1 star guesthouse so you can understand that Koh Phi Phi is very full in this period.

It does get less busy after about 20th January but it is still busy.

Koh Phi Phi main Village accommodation
Koh Phi Phi main Village accommodation

To memorable travels and to Waking up Happy!,

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