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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Phi Phi News 2012

Phi Phi News 2012 Monday 10th July 
The Phuket Gazette reports that there is still no official verdict for the probable poisoning death cases of Noémi Bélanger, and her sister Audrey Bélanger on the island of Phi Phi on Friday 15th June 2012.

Col Boontawee has refuted the allegation by the Canadian media that there has been a cover up. “The official autopsy results have not been released yet. We are continuing to contact the Forensic Institute of Ramathibodi Hospital in Bangkok for the final results. What we had been informed of were just the unofficial results, which do not include all the details,” he told the Gazette.

Col Boontawee told reporters that, unlike most  normal autopsies done where the police ask for a specific series of tests, the police did not specific any individual tests to be carried out. “We basically asked them to test for everything,” he said. This all inclusive request will take time to create results in Thailand.

Phi Phi News 2012 Monday 9th July  
Phi Phi Island Village and Spa is under going a Name Change to Outrigger Phi Phi Island Resort and Spa. In this world wide branded hotel and resort chain are  the exisiting Beachfront Suites and the Deluxe garden rooms are getting a face lift and a new gym is getting added to the extensive list of facilities including the Wanna Spa, the dive school and tenis courts. This resort chain is based in Hawaii USA and already has a resort in Phuket.

Phi Phi News 2012 Friday 22nd June 
Lt. Col. Jongrak Pimthong told The Associated Press that they are looking for 30-year-old Portuguese national Luciano Tinto who was seen on CCTV camera at 1.10 am escorting the Belangers sisters back to their room. It is believed he may have been the last person to see the girls alive. The Police are still working on the presumption of death by poisoning and there were no signs of robbery or fighting to make them believe and sinister reason.  Luciano Tinto was staying at the same hotel as the Belangers sisters.

Phi Phi News 2012 Sunday 17th June 
Pol.Maj.Gen.Jamroon Ruenrom- commissioner of Krabi police oversaw the forensic investigation of Noémi Bélanger, and her sister Audrey Bélanger who dies on Phi Phi Island on Friday 15th June and concluded that deaths were not the result of violence. The only other significant find in the room was Ibuprofen the anti-inflammatory drug. He also stated that there would be a further autopsy at the Royal Thai Police hospital in Bangkok.

Phi Phi News 2012 Friday 15th June
In the tragic and recent events of last Friday 15th June, Noémi Bélanger, 25, and her sister Audrey Bélanger, 20, from Canada were found dead in the hotel room on Phi Phi Island. After going out for a drink in the evening they returned to their room but never made it out again. The cleaning maid knocked on their door at the Phi Phi Twin Palm Resort when they were due to check out and when it became clear that they weren't coming out. There was no reply but there are reports inferring the maid could smell something wasn't right.

After obtaining a key they entered the room and found the 2 sisters inside with large amounts of vomit and faeces. There was evidence of bleeding and their nails had turned black, probably caused by internal bleeding. Other distressing signs were traces of blood on the women's face. These early signs infer that the sisters died from poisoning. This was according to Dr Pornthep Siriwanarangsan, head of the Disease Control Department.

After an inspection by the local police the bodies were  transferred to the pier and then onto Krabi Town, the provincial capital.

Dr Komkrit Phukrittayakami, director of Krabi Hospital, said that from the initial inspection probable causes of death are likely to be contaminated food. A proper autopsy would be needed to see if it were seafood, mushrooms or chemical substances.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Phi Phi September weather

Phi Phi September weather at Pi Ley

Phi Phi September weather is full of wind rain and humidity. Why on earth, would your conclude, would you want to visit Phi Phi island? For sure you wont get the best of Phi Phi Island, or the best diving on Phi Phi but you will get an interesting experience unlike anything you might imagine in high season.

Some of the key highlights of travelling in September would be a quieter Phi Phi, a more expectant Phi Phi, a happy island. Surprisingly you would get some interesting diving and a chance to see Dolphin.

Phi Phi September weather

On top of all these interesting aspects the room prices at the hostels or luxury resorts are 40-50% cheaper than in high season. When you add on to the Phi Phi Hotel Specials like the Free Night Specials, Fixed Night Promotions, Special Discounts, you can see that there is something of a reason to go and check one of Thailand's most popular travel destinations out.

The Phi Phi September weather includes detail on how to get to Maya Bay in spite of the waves at the mouth of the Bay, what ferry is best to take to get to the islands and detail on the exact nature of the  temperature, rain and storms.

Phi Phi September weather

Phi Phi resort reviews

Phi Phi resort reviews Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort

 The 2 star Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort with good reviews.

Choosing the best resort on Phi Phi is not as straight forward as it might  be in other parts of Thailand. Phi Phi Island has a unique position as being the only island as a major tourist destination that is too small for cars. This ensures everybody walks but also that all the staff running the resorts must walk around all day. I think I have counted that for a bag of rice to get to a hotel it has been man handled a minimum of 6 times.

The very physical nature of this, combined with the heat of the tropics means that Phi Phi has a reputation for slow service. This is perfect if the laid back island style is what you are coming to Phi Phi to enjoy. However this is most frustrating if you have a ferry to Phuket to catch, a dive boat to get to or just need to get back down to the pleasures of the beach.

The article, Phi Phi resort reviews  goes through all these ideas and a lot more to show why not every word written on the website review pages, not every tripsadvisor comment should be taken as face value. It does also point out where laid back turns into lazy and it is my opinion that lazy management should be put in the spot light so that the whole island gets the proper reviews it deserves.

Resorts with good reviews are also mentioned.

Phi Phi resort reviews
The 5 star Zeavola Phi Phi Resort with excellent reviews.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Kayaking in Thailand

Kayaking in Thailand
With the sea at 29 degrees all year around, paddling along the cliffs of Phi Phi Island at sunset is probably one of my favourite pleasures on the island. The cooling sun on your back as the temperature starts to fall away at sun set, the silence, the nature, the rhythm of the ocean all add up to a mesmerising adventure.

I have done the kayak tour from Tonsai Bay to Wang Long a few times. It is strenuous, especially if there is some wave action but I never get rid of the thrill, the sheer delight of making it back to the safety of Phi Phi Don Village. This trip is addictive and one of the best tours on Phi Phi Island.

A Phi Phi Island Kayak trip article... pretty special with birds, fish, stars and more. Thailand Kayaking at it's best