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Friday, June 8, 2012

Phi Phi September weather

Phi Phi September weather at Pi Ley

Phi Phi September weather is full of wind rain and humidity. Why on earth, would your conclude, would you want to visit Phi Phi island? For sure you wont get the best of Phi Phi Island, or the best diving on Phi Phi but you will get an interesting experience unlike anything you might imagine in high season.

Some of the key highlights of travelling in September would be a quieter Phi Phi, a more expectant Phi Phi, a happy island. Surprisingly you would get some interesting diving and a chance to see Dolphin.

Phi Phi September weather

On top of all these interesting aspects the room prices at the hostels or luxury resorts are 40-50% cheaper than in high season. When you add on to the Phi Phi Hotel Specials like the Free Night Specials, Fixed Night Promotions, Special Discounts, you can see that there is something of a reason to go and check one of Thailand's most popular travel destinations out.

The Phi Phi September weather includes detail on how to get to Maya Bay in spite of the waves at the mouth of the Bay, what ferry is best to take to get to the islands and detail on the exact nature of the  temperature, rain and storms.

Phi Phi September weather

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