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Friday, June 8, 2012

Phi Phi resort reviews

Phi Phi resort reviews Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort

 The 2 star Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort with good reviews.

Choosing the best resort on Phi Phi is not as straight forward as it might  be in other parts of Thailand. Phi Phi Island has a unique position as being the only island as a major tourist destination that is too small for cars. This ensures everybody walks but also that all the staff running the resorts must walk around all day. I think I have counted that for a bag of rice to get to a hotel it has been man handled a minimum of 6 times.

The very physical nature of this, combined with the heat of the tropics means that Phi Phi has a reputation for slow service. This is perfect if the laid back island style is what you are coming to Phi Phi to enjoy. However this is most frustrating if you have a ferry to Phuket to catch, a dive boat to get to or just need to get back down to the pleasures of the beach.

The article, Phi Phi resort reviews  goes through all these ideas and a lot more to show why not every word written on the website review pages, not every tripsadvisor comment should be taken as face value. It does also point out where laid back turns into lazy and it is my opinion that lazy management should be put in the spot light so that the whole island gets the proper reviews it deserves.

Resorts with good reviews are also mentioned.

Phi Phi resort reviews
The 5 star Zeavola Phi Phi Resort with excellent reviews.


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