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Friday, May 25, 2012

Koh Phi Phi sharks

Koh Phi Phi sharks Whale shark
When you see a picture of a Whale shark and understand that it is as long as a London Bus you realise that this is one of the worlds great living creatures. The whale shark appears around Phi Phi during the peak season and often for a couple of months after that. There are regular sightings but the occasional diver might need to be lucky or choose the right dive site.

The Black Tip Reef Shark is relatively common around Phi Phi with many sightings on Long beach where there is a great shark watch tour for snorkelers. They are also seen in Loh Samah and behind the Viking cave on the west coast. If you have time and the energy they are atso found up at Mosquito island in the far north of the islands.

The Leopard shark are seen at depth by divers off Phi Phi Ley and the Bida islands. Eating only crab and shell fish their mouth is designed for crushing through shell and rock. The shark are docile and glide a way from the diver if disturbed

Koh Phi Phi sharks are a big draw to anyone interested in diving, snorkeling or swimming the sea or coral reefs. They are also the stuff of fear and phobias so the whale shark, leopard shark and black tip reef shark stir the imagination of many who come to the islands. To finish off this article please read Koh Phi Phi sharks

Koh Phi Phi sharks Black Tip Reef Shark near snorkeler

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