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Monday, May 28, 2012

Phuket Hash House Harriers

Phuket Hash House Harriers the walk

'Down downs', 'circles', 'paper', the songs, Phuket Hash House Harriers is the expat informal gathering for people on Phuket island, Thailand. Based on the idea that you should really have a bit of exercise before you have a drink in the afternoon, the hashers run around in a large circular route laid and organised by the days 'hare'. The hare will lay the paper in a way that will trick the front runners (who are held in low esteem by those of experience and age) into false trails and help the walkers bring up the rear in an attempt to bring them back to the 'lager' (the starting point) all at the same time.

Phuket Hash House Harriers the circle

From then on in it descends into drink, fines or alleged fines for offences to the hashing code. This is based on the principle that you shouldn't try, you shouldn't be an idiot and you should be able to take your ale. The rules are simple; there are no rules, get on with it. If this kind of chaos/ random appeals read on.

Phuket Hash House Harriers is part running, part drinking group of people that brings together a glorious miss-match of personalities 7 times a month. On a Hash House Harriers day you meet up and are then called together and introduced by the Grand Master to the 'hare' of the day and then set off to follow the paper.. To read more go to Phuket Hash House Harriers.

Phuket Hash House Harriers the crossing

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