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Friday, June 1, 2012

Kayaking in Thailand

Kayaking in Thailand
With the sea at 29 degrees all year around, paddling along the cliffs of Phi Phi Island at sunset is probably one of my favourite pleasures on the island. The cooling sun on your back as the temperature starts to fall away at sun set, the silence, the nature, the rhythm of the ocean all add up to a mesmerising adventure.

I have done the kayak tour from Tonsai Bay to Wang Long a few times. It is strenuous, especially if there is some wave action but I never get rid of the thrill, the sheer delight of making it back to the safety of Phi Phi Don Village. This trip is addictive and one of the best tours on Phi Phi Island.

A Phi Phi Island Kayak trip article... pretty special with birds, fish, stars and more. Thailand Kayaking at it's best

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