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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thai Tailors: RussellAbroad

Last time I went to the tailor I came out with a couple of lovely shirts that take cuff links. The cotton was of an excellent quality and they were well made.

I must admit to have never really used a tailor anywhere before and I found the process to be most therapeutic. Raul, my Nepalese tailor, was a very mild mannered and kind fella who took measurements in a very professional way and made me feel most welcome. It does help when you are offered a drink when you arrive so that you can take your time in choosing what you want.

I choose the materials, light and soft cottons in yellow and was asked to come back in 2 days time with a 'fit out'. As is always the case, some areas of the shirt had taken in to maximise the effect and appearance but all went very well. I moved from a geeza in a shirt to 'Ambassador Phil'!!... they really looked great.

Two tips I have picked up from people getting suites made up in Thailand is that you must be careful what you choose. It is easy to be excited by bright colours as they appear vibrant in the Thai sun. However, when you get back to northern Europe they can appear garish if it is a cloudy country. The other issue is to think about is the thickness of the cloth and the country you will be using the suites in. I am from England and many of the suit materials would be too light except for use as a summer jacket.

I picked up the completed shirts after another 2 days and felt very happy with myself. I choose Jaspals Tailors for 2 reasons... I know Jaspal from my running club, The Hash House Harriers and as importantly, my brother in-law, Dave, who has been using Jaspal's shirts for some years and has had no problems at all with washing them, colours etc.

The guy in the pictures is Dave the brother in-law.... cheers Dave!

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