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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bangkok hotels latest News

Bangkok hotels latest News Amari Atrium

As with the last couple of blogs I am showing the latest information on hotels and this time in Bangkok. Bangkok Hotels dominate the Thai travel industry for their sheer scope and variety. You need a place to stay in the capital, there is a place for you. As with all these things there are so many different types of people  requiring differing needs and it is with this in mind that these articles have been created.

The number of people who are one night in Bangkok for a stop aver between flights is tremendous. The call of the Thai islands away from the winter temperatures of Europe make the local flights down to Phuket, Samui (for the full moon party at Koh Phangan) and Krabi packed. They need a place to stay near the Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok and if they are on a budget a Bangkok Airport Hostel just does the trick.

Bangkok hotels latest News Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok
Bangkok hotels latest News Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok
Some people just have one day in Bangkok and though some might need to stay up at the airport many venture into the heart of town and explore one of the worlds great capital cities. One Night in Bangkok 
also refers to that great and controversial song written in the 1980's decrying the contrast between the ancient and mystical culture and a red light district that 'can make a strong man humble'.

Bangkok hotels latest News One Night in bangkok
Bangkok hotels latest News One Night in Bangkok
Who doesn't want to know where you can get a great deal for the budget you have set yourself. The Bangkok hotel deals article explains how this can be done with a few simple clicks of your mouse on the website. As with a lot of these articles it points to the Free Night Specials, Fixed Night Promotions, Special Discounts, Early Bird Offers Honeymoon offers available in Bangkok.

To get a good hotel review for your Bangkok Hotel isn't always easy. The tripsadvisor style of review only paint a partial picture and you need to read up on the differing strands of information to get that give perfect Bangkok hotel reviews .

Bangkok hotels latest News 4 star Amari Atruim great value

An interesting way to stay in Bangkok is by getting a service apartment. This allows you the privacy of an apartment block with out all the fuss of the massive reception foyers and also gives the kitchenette facility to let you prepare your own food and get a bit of space from the chaotic world outside. This Bangkok Serviced Apartments article is an interesting expose of great Bangkok accommodation. There is more information in the Serviced Apartments in Bangkok article.
Bangkok hotels latest News Bangkok service apartments
Bangkok hotels latest News Bangkok service apartments

Not everyone travels in a luxury mode and many find the more personnel and sometimes family run hotels and hostels a more charming experience than the similar styled 4 and 5 style branded hotels. The 
Cheap Sukhumvit Hotels focuses on the Sukhumvit area of town, the long Road that houses some of Thailand's chicest venues, some of the key financial districts of Thailand, great hotels, absorbing nightlife and much more.

Travelling with kids in the Thai culture will always be an experience. Whether you have young ones up to 7 years, the energetic one up to 13 years old or teenagers, your needs will differ. The Family Hotels in Bangkok article go through a few tips that might be of great use.

Bangkok hotels latest News Bangkok Deals
Bangkok hotels latest News Bangkok Deals

There are few other Asian towns that do luxury like Bangkok. First rate hotels along the river or on the famous districts of Silom, Sathorn or Sukhumvit compete with each other for the smartest architectural style, room opulence, creative visual effects, fine dining  and of course that world class service to make the Luxury Hotels in Bangkok article a must read to get the skinny on what is best for you.

Bangkok hotels latest News-Songkran festival dancing
Bangkok hotels latest News-Songkran festival dancing

In all my time in Thailand there has been one hotel that has stood out amongst others for its style and place in history. The The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok reviews  gives a good appraisal of what to expect and the  Mandarin Oriental Bangkok  article gives a nostalgic account of why and how the hotel came about.

Bangkok hotels latest News Grand Palace at night

The Riverside Hotels in Bangkok  and Siam Square hotels  focus on 2 districts of Bangkok that are rarely written by themselves and so these articles give a good review of the potential fun to be had by staying here. The riverside location is close to the historic centre of Bangkok close to the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha.

Bangkok hotels latest News  Riverside Hotels in Bangkok
Bangkok hotels latest News

Riverside Hotels in Bangkok

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