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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cheap Air Tickets to Thailand -Guest Blog

Cheap Air Tickets to Thailand
Thailand is one the most popular beach destinations in the global tourism industry because apart from the panoramic beaches to rejuvenate and abundance of water activities to enjoy it offers luxury at budget prices. Thick jungles, crystal blue waters, lip-smacking cuisine, exotic culture and cheap yet ultra-modern accommodation facilities attracts millions of tourists from across the world to relax, refresh and rejoice in this vivid land, Thailand. If you’re also looking forward for a budget friendly vacation in Thailand, the first thing is book cheap airline tickets at the earliest and rest assured that the whole trip would be suitable to your pocket.
Here are some tips to book cheap airline tickets to Thailand:
1) Plan your trip 30-60 days in advance: Except for July and August months (being monsoon season), there’s a lot of traffic to Thailand. The fewer the seats vacant, the higher the ticket cost is. Hence, waiting for last minute deals won’t be a great idea. Hence, waiting for last minute deals to Thailand is certainly not a good idea if you want to book cheap air tickets.
2) Travel on week days rather than weekends: Many people make their travelling plans on weekends taking care of their working schedule. This is the reason air fares tend to be higher on weekends.
3) Check for Early Morning or Late Night Flights: Early morning and late night flights are usually cheaper as not many people prefer to board flights during odd hours. If you are not travelling with kids, it would be a great idea to book these flights as there will be comparatively less number of passengers on board.
Thus, planning for departure on a weekday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, and coming back on early Saturday or Sunday morning may help you in getting air tickets for cheap. And by booking your tickets a month or two before departure may fetch you the cheapest fare for the same dates.
4) Subscribe CheapOair RSS: This will keep you update about special airline deals CheapOair has and about when the fares are going up and when are they going down.
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Author: Rachna, CheapOair Travel Blog


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