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Monday, January 9, 2012

Co Phi Phi

Co Phi Phi is magic. According to a WIN-Gallup International center survey, the happiest people live in Co Phi Phi (85%). It certainly has won many accolades for it's beauty and as each year roles by and the ferries round the headlands of Co Phi Phi Don, a new wave of visitors gap with pure delight as they catch their first glimpse of Tonsai Bay.

Co Phi Phi is not a resort town, or resort bay experience but an eclectic mix of simple and luxury hotels nestles around a bustling village where you are just as likely to enjoy some serious diving or snorkeling as you are to take on some serious nightlife partying. And if this seems all too much there are plenty of places to just sit and soak up paradise and while a way a few perfect days in the sun.

Kicking Back on Co Phi Phi Thailand.

One thing all visitors have in common is their love of the way the sand feels between their toes... sheer pleasure. The seas are a gorgeous 29 degrees all year round so you can swim as long as you wish, either to take the heat of the day off your back or play at night in the moonlight and experience that special romantic moment.

Maya Bay Co Phi Phi Thailand

Co Phi Phi is about romance for many who visit it's shores. The elegant settings, the lack of the serious world makes this an ideal place to unwind and let the moment and the rhythm of nature take you where you need to be. , , are the high end romantic getaways in the north of the island. and Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel are the main ones for Phi Phi Don Village.

Holiday Inn Phi Phi Thailand

One of my biggest loves of this special place is that there are no cars. Walk. Yes you must walk everywhere and this means take it slow or you will get too hot. So everybody including the market traders are taking it slow as this is the best way to move around. This adds to the laid back atmosphere of Phi Phi. Air conditioning is an important part of your decision making process when you book accommodation on Co Phi Phi. Those who don't need air con and can cope with the heat but for many the air con and swimming pool are essential.

Co Phi Phi revolves around the sea as nearly every piece of land turns into hill as soon as you get more than 150 meters inland. The beaches and boating trips seem to dominate the main activities and there is plenty to see.

The traditional boat of the islands is the Longtail boat which is basically a tractor engine with an extra long prop shaft that acts as a rudder as well. These used to be very noisy affairs but in the last few years mufflers and petrol engines are being used which makes for a much more pleasurable ride. The longtail is the main taxi, tour and excursion boat that gets you from bay to bay or out to Phi Phi Ley. Out in the fresh air, with the wind blowing past your face and out on the sea... there's nothing better.

For those who need a bit more that the 5-8 passenger longtail boats, the wooden converted fishing boats are a great way to tour. These boats often have a toilet and are more sea worthy but on the down side will have tours with 20 or more people on them.

Bamboo island sits to the north and has a commanding view of Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley in the distance, is surrounded by a huge coral garden and has a sandy beach that need a sunglasses warning on it as the sand is that bright!

Phi Phi Ley is about 97% cliff which seems impossible until you get their. The sheer faces drop straight into the deep blue sea. Wall diving is a key draw on this island. The Viking Cave is where the Bird's Nest Soup ingredients are farmed and this is Co Phi Phi 's primary industry outside tourism. The 2 beaches are a joy to be seen. Loh Samah has a tiny beach and a lovely coral reef. Maya Bay beach is where the shot the movie for Leonardo Di Caprio's classic 'The Beach'. This island has many tour boats so it is best to visit out of hours.

Co Phi Phi Don has the accommodation and here you can find everything from dormitories to 4 and 5 star resorts. The island can only sleep about 6400 tourists but there is such a diverse group of people that party nights can be quite brilliant.

Kayaking on Co Phi Phi Thailand

Co Phi Phi Hotels and Resorts are predominantly on the beach and 50% of them will have a swimming pool. Guesthouses, dormitories camping (camping not in place every year) will be inland but JJ Bungalow is in the middle of the island and it is only 180 meters and 220m from Loh Dalum beach or Tonsai Bay. Best Budget Hotels and Resorts, Best Mid Range Hotels , Best Beach Front Resorts on Phi Phi are useful links for good accommodation.

Fruit seller on on the main pier

Co Phi Phi is a collection of 6 islands, the two many Phi Phi's Bamboo island Moskito Island and the 2 rocky diving outcrops of the Bida's. The geography of the island is stunning with near vertical cliffs dominating the landscape where ever you look. The only real flat land is at the main Co Phi Phi Village by the main pier and at Loh Bagoa where the famous Phi Phi island Village Resort holds court. Co Phi Phi is reached by ferries from Phuket Krabi and Lanta Island some 45km away and for more details in getting there see the main transfer to Co Phi Phi help page. is the predominate website for detail and good research on Co Phi Phi Weather, Phi Phi Photo Galleries, Phi Phi Interactive Map.

Cliff jumping off Phi Phi Don

Co Phi Phi is also known by Koh Phi Phi or Phi Phi island or Phi Phi Thailand.
See more Aerial shots of Phi Phi here.

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