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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Samui Hotel Deals

Samui Hotel Deals on
What is our excitiment over hunting and finding the right hotel deal. It seems to me it's a very natural  'hunter gatherer reaction', a primordial survival tactic for getting on in life. So the getting something for nothing makes us feel good and gives us a natural high whether it is an extra bowl of fruit on arrival, a pretty flower display in a honeymoon suite,  saving 5% here or a free night there.

Samui Hotel Deals Amari

Samui Hotel Deals 5 star on the beach

The internet age has really stoked this love of hunting for value and the Samui Hotel Deals page on web site really hits the spot.When you combine these Samui deals with hotel pages that give you the feedback from other customers, good and bad you have a very powerful tool to help find your Samui Hotel.

The Samui Hotel Deals on offer make Samui Island my number one choice for good value deals in Thailand. The Samui Hotel industry is in a highly competitive phase where each hotel is offering cheap Samui Hotel deals. This is great for the traveller to Thailand and makes it a must for your itinerary. Over 100 Samui Hotel Specials are here on the overview page. The hotels on offer are not a wide range at this moment in time but by May 2012 this number will increase dramatically.
Samui Hotel Deals west coast
There are many types of Koh Samui Deals and they change as the seasons progresses. In high season and peak season these deals concentrate more on late Free Night Specials and Fixed night promotions and in the other seasons you can get more special discounts or Early Bird offers.

A lot of these Samui Hotel deals are very similar and it is just semantics as to how prices are reduced. However the differences on how the deals are calculated are important to note as you can see that some of them are really quite amazing.

BB Chaweng 3 star Samui Hotel Deals

The Samui Free Night Specials are the headline deals. So in this Samui deal you stay a few nights and you dont pay for 1 or more nights. This can be a great savings and make you stay particulary cheap.

Samui Fixed Night promotions. This deal is focused on a total price for minimum stays that is less than the total of the number of dasy multiplied by the room rate.

Samui Special Discounts. This is similar to Fixed Night promotions but applies to a fixed date range.

Samui Early Bird Offers.  More discounts and cheap hotel room rates are given the earlier you book the room.

Samui Honeymoon offers. The website saya that you need to show a valid Marriage certificate. This will allow you free upgrades, often a complimentary spa package. As a romantic destination this Samui Hotel Deals blog wouldn't be right without the Samui Honeymoon offers which are a superb way to enjoy some of the islands top resorts. I know of some couples who want a romantic deal choose Honeymoon offers as the best way to get value for money. Be warned, the Marriage Certificate! The 4 star Peace Resort Koh Samui offers a  honeymoon welcome package and is a highly regarded and well reviewed resort.

Samui Long stay deals. Hotelatm offers a ubiquitous Long Stay deal where you can Stay 15 nights and Pay just 14 nights for any hotel in Thailand, so if the deal you want is not available and you are staying for a longer period this could be perfect for you. This means if you are staying in a 5 star villa complex or resort down to a simple beach hut you can get a decent saving. offers a similar structure for deals in Bangkok, Koh PhanganPhi Phi Island, Krabi, Phuket, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai and Pattaya.

Samui Hotel Deals ANg Thong National Park

Samui Hotel Deals perfection

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