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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Koh Phi Phi Transport after the nightlife

Q. Planning to stay in the north of Koh Phi Phi at Laem Tong Beach but need to party all night at the center of the island where all the bars are located near the main pier. Do long tail boats go all night long? 
A. Availability will be better in high season Nov-March but normally the answer is yes. Sounds like an excellent plan? The Holiday Inn has a fine reputation and so does the party scene in the main village.
Slinky Nightlife Party scene on Koh Phi Phi
Slinky Nightlife Party scene on Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi Longtail at night

 Longtailboat trips to Laem Tong beach at night.

To get from Loh Dalum beach to Leam Tong beach after dark is not set in stone as the longtail drivers will charge depending on the time of day. There is a day time price (pretty fixed), upto midnight (varies a little) and then a negotiated price after that. Longtails Boats usually take up to 6 peopole for night taxis.
If you are on Loh Dalum beach, the place where all the late night bars dancing on the beach are (Slinkies, Woodies etc), this is the place to get a longtail. This is the shortest way to Laem Tong but about 40% less distance.   IF the tide is out or there are no longtails, you will need to walk 10 minutes over the to the main pier and get a boat from there. This route will take you round Long Beach, Past Phi Phi Island Village at Loh Bagao beach and then on to Laem Tong.
The short way takes about 18 minutes direct from the Loh Dalum beach to Laem Tong Beach, the longer way, including the walk to the pier (Koh Phi Phi Pier ) will take 40-50 minutes.

Longtail boat route map from Koh Phi Phi Nightlife to Laem Tong
Longtail boat route map from Koh Phi Phi Nightlife to Laem Tong

Koh Phi Phi Longtail near the main pier

Koh Phi Phi Speedboats at night

Speedboats dont tend to go at night and even when they do they go pretty slow.
Longtail Boat driver near the pier

Walking to Laem Tong Beach from the main village.

If you decide you want to walk to Laem Tong it is about an hour and half, but not for the faint hearted as the trail start point keeps on getting overgrown, especially in low season. From Slinkies bar you look out to sea and then head right (east) along the shoreline and other small resorts. The beach curves round to the north and you follow the beach trail till you come to a sign for Loh Bagao, Phi Phi Island village up a simple mud track. The up and over the ridge is about 18 minutes till you reach civilization again. I wouldn't suggest this without a day time recce and a torch. From here you go over to the bridge on the creak and then you are only 2km from Laem Tong Beach and the Holiday Inn.

Map of walk from Nightlife beach to Laem Tong on Koh Phi Phi
Map of walk from Nightlife beach to Laem Tong on Koh Phi Phi

Laem Tong Beach
Koh Phi Phi Laem Tong Beach early morning
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