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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Travelling Phi Phi in the wet season

I m going to Thailand in June. Im then wanting to fly from Chiang Mai to Krabi. After this Im heading to Phi Phi for 2 nights before going to Koh Phangan, Does anyone knows what ferries are usually like in June. I am aware it is the rainy season? 

The answer to Travelling to Phi Phi in rainy season 
The first part of June is the rainy season and ferries from Phuket are large so the crossing is fine. ferries go through out the year and there should be no problems. Try Sea Angel for the ferry to Phi Phi from Rassada Pier Phuket. Most of these ferries have a pick up service from the Phuket hotel if you ask.

Boat trips go out through out the year,
Boat trips go out through out the year,

Amazing June storm weather-a short afternoon rain cloud

The delight of low season is that it is a lot quieter and only if you are unlucky the weather will be bad all the time. In my experience over 24 years, there will be perfect weather windows followed by showers followed by great weather. After you get there the local divers will know the rhythm of the weather so you can get out to the beaches. 

Typical June weather

Travellers tip in rainy season

One last key point is that all the cliffs are in between you and the prevailing westerly wind so it is always pretty calm in Tonsai Village. It also means that diving & snorkeling tours like the Full Day Speedboat Tour of Phi Phi Island go out every day from Phi Phi so it makes for a very interesting time.
Also rain in Thailand is cold. The temperature can drop 5-8 C in seconds so it is worth thinking about taking a towel or extra shirt to change into
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