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Monday, November 2, 2015

I'm Back. Where is the blog going? What's new? That Killer Travel Blog

Just to say I'm back on the blog hot seat and am going to post on my take on the travel scene where ever that takes me.

Having been in the travel scene for over 30 years I think I am in a good position to comment on how it has changed, mostly for the better but in some situations lament the loss of the big world feeling since the advent of the internet and mass information. The irony is not lost on me when I say this as the information has partly been propagated in blogs such as these. However as I say to anyone who will listen, there is information and informed information and I hope you might agree this is the latter.

I'll also start to write on new series of what's new with regard to Phi Phi news,  which is a place I have known for over 20 years.

Since I last wrote I have gained a greater understanding on the Guesthouses of Phi Phi Island with all the new rooms now on offer. By helping with the promotion of Coco's guesthouse I have now have a first hand understanding of what makes it tick from the local side.  I'll explain how the advent of the internet has totally changed the way people find accommodation and places to stay.

I'll also report on the latest travel information, on getting to Phi Phi Island and all the new transfer and ferry links that make the island very accessible on a short or longer visit.

And anything else...

Well as I sit here and type a few thoughts cross my mind. One which I really think is at the heart of off all travel blogs and that is; How to get that killer holiday at a great price. But more of that later. I will now sign off for the moment as I have to continue with the day job.

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